Jail guard seizes shabu from courier

DAET, Camarines Norte—A jail guard at the Camarines Norte Provincial Jail allegedly thwarted the delivery of a substance believed to be shabu from one cell to another.

Jail stock image from Pixabay
In an interview with the local media, Jail Guard Nel Romana said a minor who was detained at the prison confessed to being requested to bring the contraband substance to an inmate identified as Ariel Quiñones.

Said minor, however, said he did not have any idea that the piece of folded paper he was asked to deliver contained drugs.

Romana said he was tipped off by other inmates of the illicit transaction.

Meanwhile, Provincial Jail Warden Reynaldo Pajarillo said a probe will be launched to identify whether other inmates have been smuggling drugs inside their cells.

Pajarillo added that because of the incident, security at the Provincial Jail will be tightened to prevent similar schemes.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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