BICOL STANDARD chef-columnist Jang Grageda eyes 'Don of Tequila' title

BICOL STANDARD chef-columnist Jan Rhea "Jang" Melgar Grageda is in the running towards being named the next Don of Tequila.

BICOL STANDARD chef-columnist Jang Grageda eyes Don of Tequila title
 The Camalig, Albay native was recently selected as one of the ten finalists in the Philippines in the national bartening competition sponsored by tequila company Jose Cuervo.

Grageda's exhilirating entry, dubbed "Albay Don Berba" features the berba fruit, pili and sili, as a complement to the classic Mexican spirit.

The drink is a testament to the 29-year-old's staunch belief in infusing her culinary creations with local flavors—an advocacy she professes in her up and coming restaurant in Camalig, RoseG cuisine.

Her recipes, which appear weekly on BICOL STANDARD, constantly showcases local ingredients combined in novel ways with other regional or international concoctions.

To vote for Grageda's work, simply log on to Instagram, like the Albay Don Berba entry, and share with your followers.

The national competition is on July 10.

The bartender who proves they have all the qualities of a classic Don will fly to Tequila, Mexico, harvest their own crop of agave on the Jose Cuervo estate, blend it, and keep the batch, labelled under their own name.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


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