15 Cam Sur PNP chiefs get stern warning for late reports

NAGA CITY—At least 14 municipal and one city police chiefs in Camarines Sur have received a stern warning from the Police Provincial Office (PPO) to immediately comply with the requirement to submit their report on the performance target program for the 1st quarter of this year.

PNP Bicol Regional Director Chief Supt. Victor Deona
In a radio message, the following police stations were warned that non-compliance with the reporting system would result to the imposition of disciplinary action.

Named in this report are the Chiefs of Police, Acting Chiefs of Police as well as Officers-in Charge of Baao, Bato, Cabusao, Del Gallego, Gainza, Garchitorena, Iriga City, Libmanan, Magarao, Milaor, Nabua, Pamplona, San Fernando and Siruma.

They were instructed to complete and upload the mugshots of all arrested persons for the month of
May in the e-rogue database immediately.

The directive also indicated that the said reports are required by the higher headquarters.

The target output performance system spearheaded by Philippine National Police (PNP) Bicol Regional Director Chief Supt. Victor Deona has gained the strong support of the local police organization as it has led to a vast improvement in the peace and order situation in the region.

Under said program, well-performing police stations are given due recognition while the non-performers are constantly reminded of their primordial responsibility of mentaining peace in their locality.

Apart from the reminders, all police chiefs who do not perform well in their assignments are relieved from their assignments and subjected to retraining.

Under the target performance output system, the PNP evaluates police stations on their required accomplishments based on the indicators of law enforcement, crime prevention and crime solution.

In the implementation of the program, PNP Regional Director Deona created a body that will evaluate the accomplishments of the police units.

Those found to have missed their targets by the end of the quartar are made to suffer the appropriate consequences.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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