Sarion hits back at Tallado, wants gov kicked out of LP

DAET, Camarines Norte—Mayor Tito Sarion expressed his confidence that the National Directorate of the Liberal Party (LP) is still on his side.

Sarion hits back at Tallado, wants gov kicked out of LP
Photo via Mayor Tito Sarion
Addressing the members of the media and civic groups in a press conference here yesterday, he said it was Tallado, and not him, who must be booted out of the LP because of immorality, corruption, and other indiscretions.

Sarion added that he is yet to receive a letter from the LP National Directorate regarding the move of Tallado’s allies to drop him off the Provincial Directorate and declare him “persona non grata.”

"I think I don't deserve such accusation after almost 30 years in politics and government service," he said.

The mayor’s declarations were met with cheers from his supporters, some of whom were wearing black T-shirts with the acronym DAET, which stands for Daet Ayaw Kay Egay Tallado.

Sour relationship

Earlier, Sarion confirmed to BICOL STANDARD that his relationship with Tallado, a former ally, has indeed soured.

Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. Leni Robredo’s visit last week to the town of Capalonga could have exacerbated the problem.
Robredo was the special guest of Camarines Norte Rep. Catherine Barcelona-Reyes, who is Robredo’s seatmate in Congress.

Reyes is known to be politically aligned against Gov. Tallado.
From L-R: Cong. Leni Robredo, Cong. Cathy Barcelona Reyes, Mayor Tito Sarion in Camarines Norte
(Photo via Cong. Reyes)
According to Sarion, Tallado displayed displeasure because he was allegedly not consulted, if not bypassed, about Robredo’s visit.

Tallado is the Provincial Chairman of the Liberal Party, of which Robredo is also a member.
Insiders from Tallado’s camp say that Sarion feels powerful in the LP because Robredo is backing him up.
Robredo was one of the principal sponsors in Sarion’s wedding.

Word war

Meanwhile, in interviews, Tallado and Sarion have launched a word war against each other.
Sarion claimed that Tallado has made no visible improvements to the province during his incumbency.
Instead, he has besmirched the good image of the province because of his alleged immortality issue.
“Dai ngani inagihan bagyo o kalamidad ang Camarines Norte, pero inagihan naman ng imoralidad,” Sarion said in a text message to BICOL STANDARD.

Tallado's allegations

Tallado, in a separate radio broadcast, stressed that the Liberal Party in Camarines Norte is not having problems.
“The problem is Sarion,” he said.
Indignated at the mayor’s attacks, Tallado shot back, “Dapat magpakalalaki si Sarion!”
He also said that Sarion’s claims have no basis.
At a local FM station, he said that it was in fact Sarion who should answer to the issue of corruption.
The Daet mayor, according to Tallado, is facing a criminal charge for violation of the Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.
Meanwhile, Tallado said he does not have any pending graft and corruption case.
Tallado also responded to the allegation that there was a lack of improvement in Daet during his term.
He said he had caused the concreting of several roads in different barangays of Daet, proof that he did not neglect the town.
On the other hand, he said Sarion during his twelve years as town mayor had not even purchased an ambulance or mobile patrol cars.
“Wala kasing political will,” Tallado said.
“This is the reason why the traffic in this town is too congested. The sidewalks are occupied by many ambulant vendors. There is no order in the town proper,” he claimed. —BICOLSTANDARD.COM