BREAKING: Army member takes Penafrancis Tours bus passengers hostage

DEL GALLEGO, Camarines Sur--A man armed with an M-16 rifle has taken hostage several persons on a Penafrancia Tours bus at Barangay Comadaycaday here this afternoon.

The suspect was identified as Cpl. Rene Prajele, 36 years old and a member of the Philippine Army.

Said bus is going to Manila from Naga City.

As of the time of posting, the incident is causing heavy traffic.

Due to the incident, the police have blocked the road, causing heavy traffic in the area.

Del Gallego Mayor Lydia Abarrientos confirmed to BICOL STANDARD that the authorities are doing all they can to pacify the hostage-taker and ensure the safety of the victims.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM