VIRAL: Blind, old man sells ice drops using honesty system

Photo via Rico Manallo
LEGAZPI CITY—A blind old man wanders down the roads of Panarayon, Bacacay, Albay everyday, with a styrofoam ice box slung around his shoulder and a wooden walking stick in his hand, hoping to come across someone who would be interested in purchasing his ice drops.

Braving the risks of his job, the man whom some Facebook users identified as Mang Kile, strives to be productive in spite of his old age and disability in the scorching heat of the summer sun.

Renowned Bicolano photographer Rico de Mesa Manallo, who snapped a photo of Mang Kile, noted that Mang Kile allows customers to take the ice drops from his styrofoam box after they have paid.

This is despite being unable to tell if they take more than what they paid for.

This arrangement is known as the honesty or honor system, where individuals are trusted to act honestly, in spite of the possibility of gaining a benefit from acting otherwise.

Manallo shared that as if he had not worked enough during the day, Mang Kile runs the extra mile and sells balut every night.

Many netizens were immediately moved by the old man’s determination.

As of the time of this posting, the photo that Manallo posted has gained some 2,560 likes and 131 shares.

“MABUHAY KA LOLO!” the photographer remarked.

“maraming taong kaya pa namn mag trabaho pero nanglilimos . eh baket itong matandang bulag kinaya pa mag tinda kahit sa ganyang kalagayan dapat nasa bahay na lng sya nag papa hinga .. i salute you lolo .. “ a commenter posted.

“Nice..lolo saludo kmi lo,” another wrote.

“That's faith, hope, and trust keep it up,” still another commented.

“God bless po sa u...hnd hadlang ang pagiging bulag mo para mabuhay ka....ang galing mo po....dapat kang tularan...”

“Lolo ang cpag nyo,d p kau ngpadaig s kapansanan nyo ,mabuhay p kau kahanga2 po ang katulad nyo.”

Mang Kile, the netizens said, serves as an inspiration for Bicolanos, proving that his condition and age does not hinder him from persevering in life.

Never letting himself lose hope, he wakes up everyday with the glow of a happy man on his face, ready to take on the day’s challenges like a true oragon.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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