Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Anti-crime watchdog slams ‘spate of violence’ in Naga

Anti-crime watchdog slams ‘spate of violence’ in Naga
NAGA CITY—Anticrime crusader group Citizens Crime Watch (CCW) belied the claim that the city known as “An Maogmang Lugar” remains safe.

In an official statement furnished to BICOL STANDARD, CCW Regional Chairman Jigs L. Magpantay blasted the surge of criminal activities, particularly along the city’s gimmick strip, Magsaysay Avenue.

Among these are the shooting of a woman inside Red Cactus Resto Bar, the scuffle near Kina’Mon that led to the stabbing of four victims, and the robbery incident at Barryman’s Coffee Shop, a business establishment situated at the city hall compound.

Magpantay, however, clarified that accordingly, the police are imposing measures to tighten security in Magsaysay Avenue.

“We could not blame solely the police every time a crime occurs in our area. Crime watch is everybody’s primary concern,” the statement reads.

“But what bothers us now are the similar questions raised by residents through the Citizens Crime Watch, which is this: what’s the city government is doing to curb the seemingly increasing crime incidence in Naga City?”

Magpantay underscored that in merely one month’s time, a large number of criminal incidents were reported, based on the record released by the police. These include Theft – 86; Physical Injury – 80; Robbery – 29; Rape – 3; Reckless imprudence resulting to homicide – 1; Homicide – 1; Violation of special laws – 45; Other non-index crimes – 200.

These add up to 446 crimes, which, he emphasized, is still an alarming number.

“After the controversial issue on city police headquarters’ demolition, the relief of city police director and the installation of a new one, what support our city police is now receiving from the city government in terms of logistic and other necessary assistance to best able organize strategies and tackle the risk factors that cause crime.”

“Aside from the seemingly increasing crime related incidents, the city is now tainted with corruption and anomalies. After the controversial issue on the alleged missing 387 disbursement vouchers and payrolls which was submitted to the Commission on Audit in five (5) installments, at least ten (10) vouchers remain not submitted as of January 15, 2015 to which COA issued Notices of Disallowances.”

“We are appealing now to the Naga City People’s Council to convene and look upon this serious thing that is happening now in Naga City. The council that was created by the famous former City Mayor and DILG chief Jesse Robredo seems do not actively work and participate in the city peace and development activity under the administration of the Honorable John Bongat for some reasons or another.”

“The Citizens Crime Watch would want to draw the very same question raised by city residents for the sake of our members and the entire constituency: What’s happening now in Naga City?”

“Let us join hands in fulfilling our vision for our beloved place ‘Naga: An Maogmang Lugar’.” —BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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