Friday, April 17, 2015

DON'T JUDGE! | Man on Facebook photo was helped, not harmed --Daraga Police

Photos grabbed from the Faceboook account of Jose Lazado

DARAGA, Albay-- The Daraga Municipal Police appealed to the public to not draw hasty conclusions based on a  photo posted yesterday (April 16) on  Facebook by a certain Jose Lazado.

Controversial photos

The blurry photos, which show a man surrounded by police, was captioned: "Pnp daraga na nakadakip ng minor de edad na pinaghinalaang nagnakaw binogbog...." 

The series of pictures has already generated acrid criticisms directed against the police since it was uploaded yesterday at 7:31 a.m. 

Not villains

Daraga Police, in a statement posted on Facebook, refuted the allegation of  Lazado that the person in the photo was battered by policemen.

Seeking to clear the confusion, the police revealed that initial investigation  reveal that the man in the photo is a stowaway from Bulan, Sorsogon. 

The man reportedly consumed food and drinks at Maarthe's Foodcart, but failed to pay the P40 bill.

He was thus chased by the food cart's owner,  tricycle drivers, and bystanders until he was cornered along Arboleda St., near the Novo Jeans and Shirt store.

The commotion caught the attention of on duty police officers PO1 Dennis Millete, PO2 Richard Irven Saguiere and FTP Students Rey Gimao and Jason B. Grecia who were staying near the location. 

Immediately, the four rushed to the scene to pacify the commotion and to save the person from being hurt by the men who were hounding him. 
Heroes, in fact

According to the police, when they interviewed the man, he was so afraid and even cried. Such was what was captured by the second photo. 

Although he failed to pay the bill, he was forgiven by the owner of  Maarthe's Food Cart who was wearing an orange shirt in the third picture.

Upon conducting the interview, the group discovered that the man was personally known to PO1 Gimao, his townmate.

Gimao handed the man  P40, from his own pocket, so the man can buy food. 

He was also assisted by PO1 Floyd Cedric Obusa get a free bus ride in Queen's bus so he can go home to Bulan.

Don't judge

Police thus begged the public not to judge the police too quickly based on the photos. 

"A picture speaks a thousand words…… so sana po malaman po muna natin ang buong katotohan sa likod ng isang litrato bago maghusga, dahil hindi natin alam na ang mga taong ating hinuhusgahan ay siya pala ang buong pusong nag-abot ng tulong sa taong nagigipit sa abot ng kanilang makakaya galing pa sa kanilang sariling bulsa sa ipinakitang larawan ni mr jose lazado, " said police.-- BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


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