Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CSur biz sector to CASURECO III: Consider coop to coop scheme

NAGA CITY—The Camarines Sur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CSCCI) has passed a resolution requesting the Board of Directors of Camarines Sur III Electric Cooperative (CASURECO III) or the Committee on Evaluation of Proposals to consider the solution of coop to coop electric cooperative management and operation.

Consider coop to coop scheme: CSur business sector to CASURECO III
Solomon Ngo's photo via his Facebook account
Said scheme would allow other electric cooperatives, such as Benguet Electric Cooperative (BENECO) to bid on the operation of CASURECO III, CSCCI President Solomon Ngo explained to BICOL STANDARD.

In Resolution No. 5 S. 2015 dated April 7, 2015, the CSCCI stated that it is “seriously concerned [about] the debt-ridden and problem-plagued CASURECO III which adversely affects the business community in its day-to-day operations.”

“A thorough and in-depth evaluation of proposals that will include the coop to coop scheme will result into a more reliable and efficient electricity service to the community, and therefore, provide a better and more comfortable life to the people of the Rinconada District, most especially to the business sector thereat,” the resolution reads.

The CSCCI, in the resolution, said that the inclusion of said scheme among the options that CASURECO III is in the interest of transparency.

Said resolution was unanimously approved during the Monthly Board Meeting of the CSCCI at the CSCCI Office, BMC, Road, Panganiban Drive, this city on Tuesday.

In attendance were Solomon C. Ngo (President and Presiding Officer), Raymond Concepcion (Executive Vice President), Richard Rocha (Vice President, Internal), Ernesto Abragan (Public Relations Officer), Oliver Coronado (Auditor), Simeon Bonacua (Member, Board of Directors), John Russel Barbosa (Member, Board of Directors), Rolando Abion (Member, Board of Directors), and Perfecto Ignatius Chua Cheng (Member, Board of Directors).—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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