Sued for posting Tallado scandal photos | Netizen dares Gov to address real issue

NAGA CITYMia Concordia slammed the allegations of Camarines Norte Governor Edgardo “Egay” Tallado in an exclusive interview with BICOL STANDARD.

Several of the respondents in the cyber libel and video voyeurism complaint with their lawyer Atty. Godfrey Parale
Photo via Mark Jerez
The DZAU reporter said that she was just doing her job as a media practioner when she posted the controversial photos allegedly of Governor Edgardo “Egay” Tallado and his mistress.

Concordia is among the five netizens who were charged with violation of RA 9995 or Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 and Violation of Section 4 of Chapter 2 of RA 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

The other respondents are Mark Vincent Jerez, Rommel Ibasco Fenix, Danilo Deo Trinidad I, and Gener Villacrusis Quibral.

Nobody’s mouthpiece

Concordia vehemently denied allegations that she works for any of Tallado's political opponents.

I am nobody's mouthpiece, she said.
Concordia added that contrary to what the governor has been implying, no case has been ever filed against her.

Source of her photo
She further emphasized that she did not own the photos she posted.

Social media was already swathed with the controversial photos the moment his wife, Josie Tallado, spoke on ABS-CBN morning show Umagang Kay Ganda about the governor’s extramarital affair and the sex video.

However, she said, she was discriminating upon the photos and chose to share the one posted a by Manila-based journalist.

“The photo, in fact, remains posted by my friend’s wall,” she said.

Concordia called on the National Bureau of Investigation to identify the person who took the photo.

She emphasized that none of the respondents altered or edited the photo. Not one of them had committed fraud, as what Tallado had been making it appear.

Furthermore, she said that the private parts of the lady in the controversial photo were aptly covered.

More importantly, they persons in the photo were not engaging in sexual intercourse.

No conspiracy
She denied Tallado’s allegation that the five of them acted in complicity to post comments, and the like.

“We only met each other in the Office of the Prosecutor after we learned that cases have been filed against us and that a preliminary hearing had been set,” she said

It was who divulged to the public that Tallado was unfaithful.

Concordia said it was Josie, the governor’s wife, herself who spoke on DZMM and “Umagang Kay Ganda” that his husband had a sex video.

Singled out

Obviously, respondents have been singled out by the Governor, said Concordia.

“The photo I posted is the same photo which was used by ABS-CBN. The same photo remains posted on the timeline of my friend. Other members of the Camarines Norte press also posted the same photo.”

However, only the five of them have been sued by the governor.

Address the real issue

Concordia dared Tallado to directly confront the sex scandal issue instead on focusing on a handful of netizens.

She said the governor has made an issue out of how the respondents posted the controversial photos.

However, the governor has failed to explain to the public why, in the first place, he was involved in this sex scandal, she stressed.

Also, Tallado should focus more on the complaints lodged against him which are pending before the Department of Justice, the Civil Service Commission, and the Ombudsman. –BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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