No Registration, No Travel policy starts April 1—LTO RD Lutey

RD San Luis-Lutey
LEGAZPI CITY—Land Transportation Office (LTO) Bicol Regional Director Noreen San Luis-Lutey reminded all owners of motorize vehicles that the implementation of the No Registration, No Travel policy starts on April 1.

"Only LTO Law Enforcers and LTO Deputized Agents in complete uniform with valid ID and carrying LTO-issued Temporary Operators Permit (TOP) are authorized to stop vehicles and apprehend those in violation of the same," she said.

LTO Reminders to New Motor Vehicle Owners

Meanwhile, the Assistant Secretary Alfonso Tan, Jr., chief of the LTO also declared that “We advise new motor vehicle owners who have yet to receive their license plates to ask their dealers to furnish them with proof of registration application. We’ve received reports that some dealers have taken months to even start the application process, so this will help the public monitor whether they are getting the services they paid for.” 

For more assurance, they can even ask their dealers for copies of their: (1) Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR), (2) Sales Invoice, (3) Certificate of Insurance Cover, and (4) Philippine National Police Clearance, because these are the supporting documents needed to start the registration process. Without these supporting documents, the dealer could not have started the process yet.

To calm concerns of the public that some traffic enforcers may abuse their authority by apprehending new motor vehicle owners who have begun the registration process but have not received their license plates through the fault of their dealers, the LTO also clarifies that only vehicles without valid license plates may be apprehended.

“If you have valid license plates, whether the new black-and-white series or any of the older green-and-white designs, you will not be apprehended for possible violation of the No Registration-No Travel policy,” Tan explained.

Contest Apprehension within 5 Days if Fault is Due to Dealer

The applicable penalties for a violation of the No Registration-No Travel rule under Joint Administrative Order 2014-01 include a P 10,000.00 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle, which is assessed against the vehicle owner, and a P 1,000.00 fine assessed against the driver.

If the driver is able to present a Certificate of Registration (CR) and an Official Receipt (OR) of the vehicle to prove that it has been registered, the driver will be fined only P 5,000.00 for failure to attach plates.

In these latter cases, however, for vehicle owners who believe that the fault is due to their dealers’ delay, the LTO advises them to contest the apprehension by filing a written protest within five (5) days from apprehension. This will allow the LTO to look into the potential fault of the dealer and take appropriate action, if warranted.

The LTO may impose fines, or suspend or even revoke the accreditation of erring dealerships.

Reminders for Those Within the 7-Day Registration Process

For new motor vehicles that are within the allowed 7-day registration process, the driver must present the Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR), Sales Invoice dated within seven (7) days prior to the apprehension, and a Certificate of Insurance Cover dated on or after the date of Sales Invoice. If such documents are presented, no penalties will be meted out.

However, should the date of the Sales Invoice exceed thirty-seven (37) days on the date of apprehension, the motor vehicle will be impounded by the LTO.

Since the LTO implemented Administrative Order (AO) No. AVT-2014-24 in February 2014, the new one-stop registration process has eliminated unnecessary delays and cut down processing time down to seven (7) days, from the previous three to four (3-4) weeks.—DOTC/ ,BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


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