Mayor Matamorosa welcomes surrender of accused Osabal spouses

LUPI, Camarines Sur-- Mayor Bobby Matamorosa  expressed his elation over the news that the accused murderers of his brother, spouses Joe and Jovy Osabal,  have been both placed under the custody of authorities. 

The Osabal spouses were both tagged for the murder of then-incumbent mayor Raul Matamorosa.

In an exclusive telephone interview, Mayor Bobby told BICOLSTANDARD.COM  that the Matamorosa family welcomes this breakthrough. 

He also thanked the authorities who helped the wheels of justice churn for his younger brother. 

The older Matamorosa likewise expressed his full faith in the judiciary, saying that he is confident that the tribunal will be fair and that justice will be finally served for his brother.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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