NUDIES | Cam Sur Watersports Complex's racy hot summer treat?

PILI, Camarines Sur—A photo of the Cam Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) Summer Kickoff Pool Party on Friday posted by what appears to be the venue’s Facebook page ignited a heated debate among netizens over the weekend.

NUDIES | CWC's racy hot summer treat?
The photo, which was uploaded on Sunday morning, showed a completely naked foreigner with only his left hand covering his private parts. He was standing onstage with several others in front of a huge crowd at the event.

The image’s caption read, “Needless to say, the Republ1c Wake team had a good time Fri night at the #CWC #Summer Kick-Off #PoolParty!! Some epic footage was caught & can be seen in the new feature project #RepublicDomian! Stay tuned! #bookit #lifeatcwc #party #wakeboarding #tropical #paradise #cablepark #philippines #wakeboard #itsmorefuninthephilippines.”

Extolling nudity?

The photo immediately gained a spectrum of comments from Facebook users.

Some rebuked the photo and the act of posting by (CWC), as these allegedly appeared to not only tolerate the foreigner’s action, but also encourage it as it is used as part of the venue’s promotion.

Some were also concerned that this may harm the tourism potential of the province or set a “bad example” especially to the minors who attended.

Among the comments on the photo are the following:

"FILTHY CWC...they're not promoting TOURISM but they added NUDITY and worse SEX TRADE..."

"Ayos ang pag promote ninda kan CWC anu.. pede na gibuhon dawa anu for the sake kang mga dayuhan na turista!!! Si mga nag daralan urugmahon man at tinolerate pa kang ng organize kang event.. matindi..uragon man talaga ano !! !”

“Bakong cool yn may kadustaan arog talaga kaan an bhay wara n pakiaaram ang organizer”

“I was there...Ok lang sana may mga ganyan na nagyayari pero sana wag na tong ipost at sana naman next time CWC wag kayong magpapasok ng menor de edad... Kc hindi magandang example! Lalo na pag every friday dyan sa HE, my God mga 1st year high school pinapapasok niyo tapos ina allow nyo pa na bumili ng beer... Sana Gov Migz nakikita mo ang nga ganyan na aspeto hindi maganda. At hindi nakakatuwa balang araw magiging nagulang din kayo at maiintindihan ko ko #bardet”


“Maccra ng mga amerakano ang kagandahan ng bicol, Panira ang pag hubad na yan, n”
“tgparapabayaan nindo magpasali ang mga dayuhan.”

“Its not funny”

“Ok po nangyari na lahat na ipost na rin, pro Sana talaga wag payagan ang mga dayuhan na gawin ang ganyan... kac po kawawa naman tayong mga pilipino, kapg cla pwede nla gawin gusto sa bayan natin!!samantalang kpg tayo nasa bansa nila...parang basahan tayo kng itrato...GUMISING PINOY!!WAG KUNSINTIHIN MGA AROG KAYAN NA KABASTOSAN!! ANO NA KITA..MAYO NG DLKADESA”

“Yong mga minor age dyan... yan na nakita...”

Too critical

Meanwhile, others called on the commenters to be less critical, saying that the party was “fun.”

They posted: “Common guys its CWC the place to Be. If you're not Cool don't even think of going there! HATERS Gonna HATE, PARTY PIPS WILL PARTY HARDER!!!”

“What's wrong with being naked? We were born naked.”

“Been missed that party hayss”

 “Fun times!”

“Awesome party.”

 “People these days. Come on, our generation is different from yours. Who cares if he's naked or not. We all do or have done crazy things in our life. Wag na natin silang pakialaman. Iba naman culture nila.”


The controversial photo was taken down this morning, March 2.

As of the time of this posting, neither Gov. Migz Villafuerte nor the organizers of the event have released a statement on the issue.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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