Suspected extortionist shot dead after escape try

MILAGROS, Masbate – A suspect in an extortion case was killed after a brief fire fight with the joint elements of the police force, here.

The report claims that the incident erupted during an entrapment operation organized to apprehend perpetrators behind an extortion activity committed against Punong Barangay Fredie Bolivar of Brgy. Bangad of this town. 

The incident was recorded at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, last February 15 along the Provincial Road at Barangay Bangad, Milagros town.

Prior to the operation, Bolivar informed police authorities that two unidentified armed men demanded money from him.

One of the suspects in this case was identified as Ronilo Apalit Culibar, 34 years old .He was gunned down when he resisted his arrest.

His companion, whose identity remains unknown, was able to elude arrest.

Meanwhile, the cadaver of the suspect was brought to the Milagros Health Center for autopsy.

A follow up investigation is being conducted by the operatives at the time of this posting.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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