Twin quakes jolt Catanduanes, felt in parts of Bicol

CATANDUANES--Two earthquakes rocked this island province yesterday (February 2).

The first was recorded at 3:47:28 PM.

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), the origin of the tectonic earthquake was located 14.08°N, 124.57°E - 036 km N 58° E of Panganiban (Payo) (Catanduanes).

No damage was recorded from the magnitude 4.2 quake.

A second and stronger tremor was felt at 11:13 PM.

The state seismology bureau located the orgin at 13.79N, 124.58E - 21 km N 86 E of Gigmoto (Catanduanes).

Reported Intensities are the following: Intensity III - Panganiban (Catanduanes), Sorsogon City, Legazpi City and Intensity II -Naga City.

Damages and aftershocks from the Magnitude 6.2 earthquake are expected, said Phivolcs. --BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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