(UPDATED)SWAT cop aims M-16 rifle at Masbate gov, son in Cebu

PLACER, Masbate—A member of the Cebu City Special Weapons and Tactics team is now facing criminal raps after he allegedly aimed an M-16 rifle at Gov. Rizalina Seachon-Lanete, her son  Representative Joshur Judd Lanete II, and Masbate Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer Edgar Delara. on Sunday.

The complaint for grave threats was filed yesterday afternoon by the governor and her son, among others, before the Office of the Prosecutor.

Police identified him as SPO1 Arthur Sabang.

According to a Sun Star Cebu report, Delara told reporters that they were walking alongside the two Masbate contigents, Kulturang Placereño and Tribu Himag-ulaw, while they were headed from the grandstand.

When they reached R. Landon Extension at 7:52 p.m., Sabang, who was a member of the crowd control team, allegedly pointed his rifle, with a flashlight attached in it, at the governor and her companions.

Members of the group identified themselves to the cop as Masbate government officials.

PO2 Joel Salicon Balag-ey,Gov. Lanete's security detail, also introduced himself as a cop hoping to pacify the Cebuano policeman.

To these, the SWAT member retorted: “God damn it! Hindi kayo taga-rito, aarestuhin ko kayo!”

The officials challenged Sabang to indeed arrest them, but Sabang did not.

The group thereafter proceeded to the Cebu City Sports Center.

Sabang tailed them until they were able to enter the grandstand.

Sabang subsequently issued a public apology. He stated: “I am very sorry for the inconvenience and uneasiness of your security at the Sinulog event. My way of disposing of the performance of duty is somehow required to adjust as to bring standard is performing to duty,"

Senior Supt. Conrado Capa, acting director of CCPO, defended Sabang. He explaind, Sabang did not intend to aim his firearm at the group." It would just appear like that because the flashlight was attached to the rifle,” he said.

Due to the firearm-totting incident, Sabang is now restricted to camp.

Aside from the criminal charge, he shall be also subject to an administrative investigation before the National Police Commission.

Gov. Lanete is no stranger to these incidents of violence. She twice survived an ambush where some of her bodyguards were killed. Her brother, former congressman Fausto Jr., was also assassinated. — BICOLSTANDARD.COM