Bombo Radyo top brass to hold national confab

Yearly, senior managers, station executives, and top officers of Bombo Radyo Philippines congregate for the annual Top Level Management Conference (TLMC) to assess the performance, set goals, and give award to those who were able to exemplify the Network’s best practices. This is a weeklong strategic planning session with its vision to continue excellence in radio broadcasting.

Dr. Rogelio M. Florete of Bombo Radyo Philippines
Dr. Rogelio M. Florete of Bombo Radyo Philippines
From January 5 to 10, 2015, this year, Iloilo City will again host the Top Level Management Conference (TLMC) for 2015 with the theme: "LAKAS NG BOMBO…RAMDAM NG MUNDO!"

The theme of the conference reflects a reality: through the dint of the creativity, hard work, visionary leadership and judicious reading of the sign of the times wherein Bombo Radyo Philippines has continued its dominance in the radio industry being preferred by choice of the majority of the radio listeners.

Under the hands-on leadership of media mogul and multi-awarded business leader Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, Bombo Radyo Philippines has maintained its front-running position in the radio industry, leading the way in the application of cutting-edge technology, the use of creativity in programming, the crucial delivery of content plus the harnessing of logistics to serve the public.

The Network has retained its well-earned reputation of having repeatedly launched various effective campaigns which ensured the product movement of its sponsors. Its brand of corporate social responsibility has not remained in the dole-out mentality but enjoined big business to forge a strategic alliance with the man on the street, the poorest of the poor in Philippine society.

The enhancement of services is meant not just for the Filipino listener who considers Bombo Radyo Philippines as its primary source of news, information and entertainment, however. With the ever-expanding Filipino diaspora (an estimated 11 million Filipinos are working abroad), Bombo Radyo Philippines is reaching to the Filipino wherever he might be. With the Bombo Network News, the content emanating from Bombo Broadcast Centers is made available in audio and video streaming 24/7 to include the Network’s highly-visited website.

Bombo Radyo Philippines under Dr. Rogelio M. Florete Continues to enhance and expand the capability of the Network to be of better service to the Filipino radio listeners. This kind of service-oriented leadership is being gradually turned over to his children Senior Vice President Margaret Ruth C. Florete and Executive Vice President Rogelio C. Florete, Jr. His firm commitment to improve the quality of life of the Filipino has set the tone and direction of the Network. Today media is being challenged to bring to the consciousness of our country men the effects of climate change and bring awareness of disaster to the lives and property of our countrymen.

Indeed Lakas ng Bombo…Ramdam ng Mundo affirms the commitment of Bombo Radyo Philippines to offer the best of radio to the Filipino as well as imbibe to its listeners the ability to transform lives. This dynamics is a continuing love affair of the Filipino listeners with Bombo Radyo Philippines As an affirmation of being THE NUMBER ONE RADIO NETWORK IN THE COUNTRY…BASTA RADYO…BOMBO!

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