15-foot rare megamouth shark washes up dead in Albay

Megamouth shark
Photo via Rosalinda Sariola 
PIODURAN, Albay—The carcass of a curious-looking shark attracted quite a bit of attention here after residents found it beached this morning along the shore of Barangay Marigondon, this town.

Immediately, they notified the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) about their strange discovery.

Nonie Enolva, head of the BFAR-Regional Emergency Stranding Response Team (BFAR-RESRT), identified the sea creature as a megamouth shark (Megachasma pelagios).

"It measured 15 feet," Enolva told BICOL STANDARD.

Megamouth sharks are extremely rare and are considered endangered species. 

"This is the only 66th specimen to be found around the world,  15th in the Philippines and 2nd in Bicol," she added.

Only less than 50 sightings have, in fact, been recorded worldwide.

The marine expert suggests that the carcass be preserved through taxidermy and exhibited at the Albay Parks and Wildlife.

"In the Philippines, only one megashark has been taxidermied," she said.

The Darrel Blatchley's specimen, according to Enolva, is now displayed at The Bone Collector Museum in Cagayan de Oro City.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM 


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