The 15 Bicolano martyrs

On January 4, 1897, eleven patriots from the Bicol region were executed at Luneta, while the others suffered in prison or in exile. They were accused of conspiring to kill Spaniards in Naga at the beginning of the Philippine Revolution.

The 15 Bicolano martyrs
The 15 Bicolano martyrs
Infographic from the Official Gazette

The fifteen Bicol martyrs, include:
  • Fr. Inocencio Herrera, Fr. Gabriel Prieto, and Fr. Severino Diaz, who were secular priests
  • Florendo Lerma, a music professor, organist, essayist and playwright
  • Manuel Abella, Domingo Abella, who were father and son
  • Ramon Abella, who was exiled to Bioko Island
  • Mariano Melgarejo and Cornelio Mercado, who were public works employees
  • Tomas Prieto, a pharmacist
  • Camilo Jacob, a photographer
  • Macario Valentin, a night watchman,
  • Leon Hernandez, a teacher who died under torture,
  • Mariano Arana, a government surveyor who was exiled to Bioko Island,
  • and Mariano Ordenanza. a clerk who was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment


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