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Naga City, pwedeng maging isla?

An ciudad nin Naga pwedeng maging isla.

Ini an saro sa mga posibilidad kun mapadagos an mga makuring efecto kan pinag-aapod na climate change.

Segun ini sa sarong bagong pag-aadal na inaapod na "Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Change Impacts."

Ini ginibo kan the World Wildlife Fund Philippines asin kan Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation.

An pagkusog asin pagdakol kan mga bagyo, an padagos na pag-imbong asin paglangkaw kan tubig sa dagat, asin an pagpadagos kan El Niño gabos pwedeng magcontribuir sa pagbabagong ini.

Alagad an numero unong pwedeng magkawsa kan pagiging isla kan ciudad nin Naga, iyo an lokasyon kaini, na kataid mismo kan Bicol River Basin.

Sinabi sa pag-aadal na an paglupay kan salog nin huli sa makusog na pag-uran iyo an pwedeng magdara nin grabeng pagbaha.

Dinagdag pa sa bareta na napapalibutan pa an Naga kan mga banwaan na harababa man, arog kan Nabua asin Milaor.

An Milaor ngani, segun sa pag-aadal, dating inaapod na Milaud, o May Laud, na boot sabihon, hababa asin parati man kun bahaon an lugar na ini.

Alagad kun sa ngapit na panahon mangyari man nanggad na maging isla an Naga, bako ini an magiging primerong beses.

Sinasabi sa mga record na kaidto, nakasuway naman an ciudad nin Naga sa mga pagtaraid kaining banwaan, nin huli man sa grabeng pagbaha.

Mientrastanto, naghurot and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines asin Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation sa local na gobyerno na dai ipagpasipara sana an mga resulta kan pag-aadal.

En ves, dapat gamiton an mga nanudan na mga bagay digdi sa pagpaplano kan ciudad.

Nanotaran pa sa research na an Naga saro sa mga nasa pinakadakulang peligro sa nagkapirang ciudad kan Pilipinas na imbwelto sa pag-aadal.

Ini ikaduwa sana sa Tacloban City, na pinag-identificar na iyo an ciudad na pinaka-peligrosong maray kun pag-uurulayan an mga efecto kan climate change.

An iba pang mga ciudad na kabali sa pag-aadal iyo an Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Cagayan, Dagupan, Laoag, Zamboanga, Angeles, asin Batangas.

Frustrated murder suspect falls in Gigmoto, Catanduanes

One of the most wanted persons in Gigmoto, Catanduanes was accosted by the police in Barangay San Pedro, Gigmoto, Catanduanes yesterday. 

Members of the  Gigmoto Municipal Police arrested Alberto Torno y Laurenciana, 26 years old, single, and a resident of said place.

The arrest was effected by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by Judge Lelu P. Contreras of RTC Branch 43, 5th Judicial Region, Virac,Catanduanes. 

Torno is facing the charge of Frustrated Murder which was docketed as Criminal Case No. 3638. 

The prosecutor recommended a bail of Php200,000.00. 

As of presstime, he is now under the custody of Gigmoto Municipal Police Station.

Torno is ranked nine among the Municipal Most Wanted Persons in Gigmoto. (With Report from Police Inspector Malu Calubaquib, PIO, PNP Region 5)


Albay braces for possible measles outbreak

LEGAZPI CITY (PNA)--The local government here is preparing communities for the possible outbreak of measles following advisories from the Department of Health (DOH) based on several suspected cases recently reported in Albay province and across Bicol.

“We cannot afford to be complacent even as no confirmed or suspected case of measles has been reported yet in the city out of the alarming number of cases monitored around Albay province as of this month,” said City Mayor Noel Rosal on Friday.

The DOH Bicol regional office based in the nearby Daraga town has reported 12 suspected measles cases in Albay as of the first half of this month.

Across Bicol, 14 cases from Camarines Sur, two from Sorsogon and one from Masbate were reported during the same period.

Rosal said he has instructed the City Health Office (CHO) to initiate precautionary measures such as the conduct of door-to-door immunization and have all eligible members of each household in the 70 barangays of the city immunized.

This massive immunization drive is to be coordinated with the DOH regional office which has the logistics such as the supply of vaccines and manpower resources composed of teams of medical field personnel, the mayor said.

Dr. Fulbert Alec Gillego, the CHO chief, said his office is also conducting a massive information campaign through community assemblies, radio broadcasts and reading materials to heighten the awareness of local communities on the prevention and treatment of measles.

He explained that measles, also called rubeola, is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus that causes fever, runny nose, cough and a rash all over the body.

It is, however, a treatable disease but deadly due to complications such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition, blindness, otitis media and encephalitis, if not treated promptly.

It could also be prevented through immunization with measles vaccine, Gillego said.

Immunization should take place while a child is nine-month old with first-dose measles vaccine providing at least 85-percent protection.

A 12-month-old child with a second-dose mumps-measles-ruvilla vaccine is protected at least 95 percent, he added.

Meanwhile, the regional office for Bicol of the Department of Education (DepEd) here said it is now implementing an anti-measles campaign in public schools under DepEd Memo No. 03 s.2014 recently issued by Educ. Sec. Armin Luistro.

The memo, according to DepEd Regional Director Ramon Fiel Abcede is “in response to the increase in the number of individuals contracting measles” nationwide as per advisory of the DOH.

School heads all over Bicol have been instructed to send home students exhibiting flu-like symptoms to rest and recuperate while DepEd is also asking schools to disseminate information about measles and immunization procedures as well as report identified cases to concerned local health units, Abcede said.

They have also been advised to coordinate with the local government health units for the complete vaccination of children, he added.

“We are adopting a systematic relay of information regarding students' and teachers' state of health through the Preventive Alert System in Schools (PASS) wherein school principals must conduct, monitor, and maintain records of students and personnel’s daily health inspection,” Abcede said.

Under this system, he added, pertinent information are relayed to the Schools Division Superintendents and to the DepEd central office for review and appropriate action.

As these developed, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) Bicol regional office here has announced that its beneficiaries can already avail of claims on measles cases on its admission package in the wake of the increasing number of cases in the region.(PNA) PDS/FGS/DOC/CBD/

Mamirindal: Hinulog-hulog


CASURECO II linemen at Peñafrancia Avenue, Naga City

CASURECO II linemen at Peñafrancia Avenue, Naga City yesterday, January 17, 2014 (PHOTO: BICOL STANDARD)

Ligao student to compete in National ASEAN tilt

A student from Ligao National High School will compete in the Sixth ASEAN Quiz National Competition on January 21 to 24.

Arnel O. Olayes, who won first place in the recently-held ASEAN Quiz Regional Competition, will travel to Quezon City with his coach, Mr. Rene Cos for the competition, which will be held at PTV 4 in Visayas Avenue.

Olayes will have to wear a regional or national costume during the contest, per the guidelines.

All of his expenses, including fare, board and lodging will be charged to the Sixth ASEAN Quiz National Competition Project Fund through PTV Channel 4.

Olayes needed to hurdle several stringent requirements to qualify for the competition.

The qualifications called for a student who has a grade of 85 and above in Social Studies during the first quarter of the School Year 2013-2014; moral fitness; and good interpersonal skills, among others.

If Olayes wins in the national competition, he will qualify for the regional competition, which will be held in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the other winners of the ASEAN Quiz Regional Competition held on January 9 at Rawis, Legazpi City are John Martin Cirio of Tabaco National High School, who placed second; and Nadine Eina E. Legacion of Naga City Science High School, who placed third. Cirio's coach was Mrs. Jennifer Roaring whereas Legacion's was Mrs. Nel Hernandez.

Catanduanes athletes gear up for Palarong Bicol 2014

In preparation for the 2014 Palarong Bicol, athletes from the different schools in the province started training last January 13.

According to Mr. Jose L. Doncillo, OIC, Department of Education Division Superintendent, the 20-day training for local athletes will allow them to prepare and hopefully gain the home-court advantage.

He said that throughout the duration of the training, athletes were provided with complete sports equipment and facilities as well as food subsidy.

Meanwhile, Doncillo disclosed that various committees for the event are all set up. He said that the various billeting schools are ready for different delegations which are expected to start arriving on the 26th of January.

Security at the schools and sporting events will be provided by the Philippine Army 83rd IB and PNP with the support of barangay tanods.

Catanduanes placed 7th during last year's regional meet out of the total 13 delegations from Bicol. (MAL/EAB-PIA5/Catanduanes)

Measles on the rise in CSur, Albay

DOH Regional Director Gloria Balboa
A total of 29 measles cases has been recorded in Bicol region in the first 15 days of this year alone, a regional official of the Department of Health Bicol (DOH-Bicol) said.

DOH Bicol regional director Gloria Balboa said Camarines Sur has 14 cases; followed by Albay, with 12; Sorsogon province, two; and Masbate, one. No measles cases were reported in Catanduanes and Camarines Norte.

A week after the DOH-Bicol warned the public as well as health and local officials of increasing measles cases, a Grade 1 pupil in Albay province reportedly died due to measles.

The measles death was identified as Anthony Buella, 7, from Hacienda San Miguel Island in Tabaco City.

Nathaniel Rempillo, provincial health officer of Albay, refused to confirm the report, saying they were still in the process of investigation.

Health officials in Bicol said measles is one of the leading causes of death among infants and young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available.

Rempillo said that out of 12 sent for laboratory testing in Albay, two were confirmed measles cases.

This prompted Balboa to ask local government units across the region to strive harder to conduct active immunization activities against vaccine-preventable diseases, especially measles, to reach every child in every purok of each barangay.

"There is a need to adopt a door-to-door immunization, in addition to the fixed site strategy,” Balboa said.

Children eligible for vaccination who did not receive their measles vaccines during their childhood, especially at the age of six months to less than 5 years old, form part of a "pool of susceptibles” where cases of measles may originate.

"And that is where an outbreak may occur,” Balboa added.Globally, according to the health official, in 2011, there were 158,000 measles deaths globally -- about 430 deaths every day or 18 deaths every hour.

More than 95 percent of measles deaths occur in low-income countries with weak health infrastructures.

Measles vaccination resulted in a 71-percent drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2011 worldwide.

In 2011, about 84 percent of the world’s children received measles vaccine by their first birthday through routine health services – up from 72 percent in 2000, according to DOH report.

In Philippines, a total of 5,547 suspect measles cases were reported nationwide from Jan. 1 to Dec. 14 last year.

The age of suspect measles cases ranged from one month to 78 years old; while most of the confirmed cases were one to 4 years old wherein majority were female with 51 percent.

The first sign of measles is usually high fever, which begins at about 10 to 12 days after exposure to the virus, and lasts for four to seven days.

Runny nose, cough, red and watery eyes, and small white spots inside the cheeks can develop in the initial stage.

After several days, a red rash erupts, usually on the face and upper neck.

Over about three days, the rash spreads, eventually reaching the hands and feet. The rash lasts for five to six days, and then fades.

On the average, the rash occurs 14 days after exposure to the virus (within a range of seven to 18 days).

Severe measles is more likely among poorly nourished young children, especially those with insufficient Vitamin A, or whose immune systems are weak.

Most measles-related deaths are caused by complications associated with the disease.

Complications are more common in children under the age of five, or adults over the age of 20.

The most serious complications include severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia; severe diarrhea, dehydration encephalitis (an infection that causes brain swelling), ear infections and blindness.

As high as 10 percent of measles cases result in death among populations with high levels of malnutrition and a lack of adequate health care.

Women infected while pregnant are also at risk of severe complications and the pregnancy may end in miscarriage or preterm delivery.

People who recover from measles are immune for the rest of their lives.

The most at risk for measles, according to Balboa, are those unvaccinated infants and children, and even unvaccinated pregnant women.

Measles outbreaks can be particularly deadly in countries experiencing or recovering from a natural disaster or conflict, Balboa said.

Damage to health infrastructure and health services interrupts routine immunization and overcrowding in residential camps greatly increases the risk of infection.

The virus is spread by coughing and sneezing, close personal contact or direct contact with infected nasal or throat secretions.

The virus remains active and contagious in the air or on infected surfaces for up to two hours.

It can be transmitted by an infected person from four days prior to the onset of the rash to four days after the rash erupts.

No specific antiviral treatment exists for measles virus, Balboa said, adding that severe complications from measles can be avoided though supportive care that ensures good nutrition, adequate fluid intake and treatment of dehydration with WHO-recommended oral rehydration solution.

This solution replaces fluids and other essential elements that are lost through diarrhea or vomiting.

All children in developing countries diagnosed with measles should receive two doses of vitamin A supplements, given 24 hours apart, Balboa said.

She explained that this treatment restores low vitamin A levels during measles that occur even in well-nourished children and can help prevent eye damage and blindness.

Vitamin A supplements have been shown to reduce the number of deaths from measles by 50 percent.

Balboa said routine measles vaccination for children, combined with mass immunization campaigns in countries with high case and death rates, is key public health strategies to reduce global measles deaths.

The measles vaccine has been in use for over 40 years and it is safe, effective and inexpensive. (PNA) FFC/FGS/RBB/CBD/

Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashfloods, landslides hit Sorsogon

Flashfloods and landslides ravaged low-lying and hilly ares in the province of Sorsogon due to the heavy rains brought by the Low Pressure Area (LPA).

According to the Sorsogon Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (SPDDRMO), the incidents were recorded in Casiguran and Barcelona last January 14.

In the latter town, authorities closed one of the main roads because of the flooding to prevent any untoward incidents. They also helped evacuate two households to higher ground.

No injuries or casualties were noted by the SPDDRMO.






VIDEO: Mayor John Bongat of Naga City apologizes to RTC judges after he was cited for contempt

VIDEO: Mayor John Bongat of Naga City apologizes to RTC judges after he was cited for contempt

READ THE FULL STORY HERE: RTC judge cites Mayor Bongat for contempt

Eastern Bicol Medical Center employees back charges vs. previous Provincial Prosecutor's Office

CATANDUANES--Around a hundred employees and medical personnel of the Eastern Bicol Medical Center (EBMC) wearing black t-shirts marched to the Provincial Prosecutor's Office this morning.

The employees demonstrated their support to the filing of charges against the provincial government.

The charges question the legality of the provincial ordinance passed by the previous Sangguniang Panlalawigan, which converted the converting the Eastern Bicol Medical Center into an economic enterprise. (PIA)

Minor quake rocks Masbate, Legazpi

At 6:11 pm today, a magnitude 4 tectonic earthquake was recorded 37 km S 38° W of San Pascual, Masbate.

The earthquake was likewise felt in Gogon, Legazpi (Intensity 3) and Legazpi City (Intensity 2).


CASURECO II Notice of power interruption January 20, 2014

Notice of Power Interruption:

When: January 20, 2014 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Where: Areas covered by Calabanga 10 mva and Tinambac 5 mva substation. (Calabanga, Tinambac, Siruma, Bombon, Magarao and Canaman)

Reason: Maintenance activities at Tinambac 5 mva and Calabanga 10mva load end.

Power will be restored upon completion of works without prior notice.

Mayor Bongat takes over Central Bus Terminal

The parking lots inside the Naga City Central Bus Terminal are currently empty of buses and passengers as tension due to  the takeover grips the facility (PHOTO: OSCAR ESMENDA/BICOL STANDARD)
NAGA CITY—Chaos and confusion engulfed commuters and bus drivers here when the city government, through Mayor John Bongat, took over the operation of the controversial Central Bus Terminal at one o’clock in the morning.

Members of the Philippine National Police, security personnel, as well as supporters of businessman Fortunato “Tato” Mendoza swooped into the area to provide safety and support to the opposing sides.

Reports have it that packets of brawl were noted when Mayor Bongat barricaded the Central Bus Terminal with heavy equipment that belongs to the city government.

Bongat was backed by City Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion. Both stayed until 7 o’clock in the morning to secure the area and exclude Tato Mendoza and his supporters from operating the terminal.

It will be recalled that the city government late last year decided to take over the operation of the terminal.

Vehemently objecting, Mendoza filed two cases against the city officials. One of these was raffled to Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 19 and the other to Branch 62.

In both cases, Mendoza prayed for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), and later, an injunction.

Both RTC branches issued TROs.

Bongat, in an open session in the Sangguniang Panlungsod, revealed that he and the other officials considered the TROs to be abuses of the judges’ power.

Meanwhile, because of the closure of the terminal, bus drivers were forced to park on the sides of the Maharlika Highway to continue their operation.

Many passengers complained about the inconvenience that they suffered due to the tension in the terminal.

Vendors in the terminal, likewise, showed dismay, because of the fact that they lost business opportunities because of the disruption.

It was learned this morning that Hon. Zeida Garfin yesterday dismissed the case filed by Mendoza against the City Hall.

Since the court did not issue an injunctive writ, the city government believed that there was no more any legal obstacle to prevent their takeover of the terminal.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Mendoza, he said that they will not as yet abandon the premises of the terminal pending resolution of legal issues.

He stated that he will confer with his legal team to discuss other remedies regarding the controversy.



Buses parked the Central Bus Terminal (PHOTO: OSCAR ESMENDA/BICOL STANDARD)


RTC judge cites Mayor Bongat for contempt

NAGA CITY—Regional Trial Court Judge Zeida Garfin ordered Mayor John Bongat to pay P30,000 from his own pockets for indirect contempt.

In a hearing this morning at Branch 19, Judge Garfin said that Bongat, who is a lawyer by profession, is expected to know the provisions of the Code of Judicial Ethics which require respect to be accorded to presiding judges.

This case stemmed from the legal controversy involving the operation of the Central Bus Terminal which the city government wanted to take over last January 1.

It will be recalled that Fortunato “Tato” Mendoza, who is representing FPM Corporation, filed a civil complaint against the City Hall when the latter decided to cancel his contract for the operation of said facility.

In the exchange of words between City Hall officials and the Central Bus Terminal management, the court said that Bongat used disrespectful language when he was invited to speak before the Sangguniang Panlungsod in an open session.

Even in interviews, the court said that Bongat made remarks that the court finds to be distasteful.

After the hearing, Bongat was interviewed by the media. He expressed his apology to the court, and clarified that he did not intend any disrespect.

Bongat said that for the past thirty years that he had been a lawyer, this is the first time that he was castigated for indirect contempt.

Judge Garfin cites Mayor John Bongat for contempt


BREAKING NEWS: City Hall takes over Central Bus Terminal operation

NAGA CITY-- It's not business as usual in the Central Bus Terminal today.

At around one o'clock in the morning, Mayor John Bongat, along with Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion and other city officials, took over the operation of the facility.

The takeover was met with resistance by supporters of Tato Mendoza, head of FPM Corporation, who tried to prevent the city officials from entering the office of Mendoza.

Meanwhile, the takeover resulted in much confusion on the part of the commuters, bus operators, and vendors, who could not resume normal operations due to the tension in the terminal.

It will be recalled that the two parties are embroiled in a legal tussle over the operation of the terminal.

FOLLOW-UP STORY: Mayor Bongat takes over bus terminal


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CASURECO II: Dae kita mapuputulan ngonian na bulan

Nagpahayag an management kan Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative (CASURECO) II ngonian na aldaw na dai mangyayari an pagputol nin kuryente ngonian na bulan.

Pig-confirmar ni Manny Rojo, Public Information Officer, na nakabayad an kooperatiba nin kantidad 49 milyones pesos na security deposit sa Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC).

Kan sarong aldaw, an CASURECO II nagsabi na namemeligro na maputulan nin kuryente kun dai makabayad kan security deposit kan fecha 15.

Dinagdag pa sa bareta na sa fecha 27 ngonian na bulan, linalaoman na maabot naman an singil kan Wholesale Electric Spot Market (WESM) sa konsumo kan kuryente kan bulan na Nobiembre hasta Diciembre sa kantidad na 187 milyones pesos.

CBSUA prexy post still vacant

CBSUA presidency aspirants
CBSUA presidency aspirants
PILI, CSUR — The Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) Board of Regents has not chosen a definite date yet for the announcement of the name of its new president.
This was confirmed by Antonio Alteza, the secretary of the aforementioned board, in an interview with BICOL STANDARD.

According to Alteza, the office of the Board of Regents will be the first to be informed about such matter, as it is tasked with disseminating the same.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramon C. Arimado will remain as the Officer in charge of the institution until the new president is named.

During the first stage of the selection process, the members of the selection committee chose three applicants whose qualifications met the stringent requirements.

Among the aspirants are Dr. Joel Batanes, who is currently one of the vice presidents of the university; Dr. Georgina Junsay-Bordado, who heads the research and extension services; and Dr. Wenifredo Oñate, former president of Camarines Norte Agricultural College, and former professor of CBSUA.

CBSUA is the only agricultural university in the Bicol region.


Gov. Wong vows to bring reforms in her first State of the Province Address

VIRAC, Catanduanes) - Catanduanes Governor Araceli B. Wong calls on her constituents during her first State of the Province Address (SOPA) to be partners of the local government in pursuit for progress and development.

Wong said her administration is eyeing a better Catanduanes in the near future and such can be achieved if everyone will work together.

The lady governor said that her administration is focused on the immediate reforms and provision of quality medical services in the province.

Wong also disclosed that the provincial government has allotted P116 Million for health programs services aside from the P41.8 Million in projects from the Department of Health (DOH) for health facility enhancement programs of the Barangay Health Stations, Rural Health Units, District Hospitals and Eastern Bicol Medical Center (EBMC).

She also tackled issue of the conversion of the EBMC into an economic enterprise, citing that a Board of Trustees—the policy-making body which shall handle issues concerning EBMC- was already constituted.

Wong added that a scholarship program will be launched by her administration this coming school year which shall cover full scholarship, partial education assistance and Student Loan Assistance.

She also told her constituents that on December 2013, Department of Education here already underwent bidding for the implementation of around P37 Million worth of new classrooms.

On Peace and Order, Wong reiterated her call to the elements of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to curb illegal activities in the island.

She also revealed that anytime soon, eleven patrol cars from PNP national headquarters will be delivered and will be distributed to the towns of the province.

Moreover, the official assured the public especially the religious sector headed by Bishop Manolo Delos Santos regarding her stand against any kind of mining in any part of the province.

According to her, she is firm in making Catanduanes a ‘mining-free’ island.

She also expressed her desire to strengthen the province’s tourism.

According to Wong, her administration is targeting to make the P700 Million worth of tourism programs a realization which shall include the rehabilitation of various historical places in the various towns of Catanduanes.

Furthermore, Wong disclosed that the province have P16 Million budget for Agriculture this year excluding the P6.5 Million for Abalone and Salt production Agricultural Services Budget for the towns of Panganiban and Baras.

In closing Wong thanked her constituents and co-officials for the trust and ask for continued support especially the guidance of Almighty God for a better Catanduanes.

Meanwhile, in his acceptance speech, Vice-Governor Jose J. Teves, Jr. affirmed the support of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Catanduanes to all the undertakings of Wong’s administration for the welfare of Catandunganons. (MAL/EAB-PIA5/Catanduanes)


Bombero, duros an laog kan pansumpit

CALABANGA, CSUR— Solamente duros o paros an nagluluwas sa bunganga kan pansumpit kan Calabanga Fire Station, kan magresponde ini kan sarong aldaw sa  incidente na imbuelto an nagkukurab na awto.

Ini an pinagngingirisihan kan mga meron, pagkatapos mag-abot an bombero para sigbohon an nag aarab-adab na kalayo sa vehiculo.

Mayong naginibo an kagsadire kan awto, na haloy na marhay nagparaapod sa fire station kan banwaan, kan maheling an makuring kamugtakan kan gamit kan opisina kan fire station.

Mientrastanto, an mga residentes digdi, nangapodan sa saindang mga opisyales para reparohon an problema, ta tibaad, nganip sa panahon, mas dakulang kadimalasan an saindang masabatan.

Makakan tabi: Manggang hilaw


Now hiring in Daet: Store manager, management trainee, branch controller, cashier

Now hiring in Daet, Camarines Norte


Bachelor's degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Commerce or equivalent.
Male / Female, 26 - 35 years of age
At least 5'2” (female) / 5'6” (male) in height
Customer service-oriented, with excellent communication and people management skills
Must be pleasant, with strong business acumen and leadership competence
At least 3 year(s) of work experience in retail, food or quick service industry is required for this position


Bachelor's degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management/ Marketing, Commerce or equivalent.
Male / Female, 24 - 30 years of age
At least 5'2” (female) / 5'6” (male) in height
Customer service-oriented, marketing-driven, with above average communication skills
With pleasing personality, strong leadership potentials,
At least 2 year(s) of work experience in retail, food or quick service industry is required for this position


Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Accountancy or Finance
Previous related experience in retail operations, store administration, branch control, counter checking, or cashiering, preferred
Female, 22 - 27 years old; 5'2” in height
With pleasing personality, above average communication skills, and strong leadership skills


Bachelor's degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Commerce/ Accounting or equivalent.
Previous related experience in retail operations, cashiering, or counter checking preferred
Female, 20 - 25 years old; 5'2” in height
With pleasing personality, above average communication skills, and high customer service orientation
Fresh graduates may apply

4-year/ 5-year course College Graduates, preferably in Business
Male/ Female, 20 - 25 years old
At least 5'6” in height (Male); 5'2” (Female)
With pleasing personality and good communication skills
Previous experience in fastfood, quick service, retail store operations an advantage
Fresh graduates may apply

4-year / 5-year course College Graduates, preferably in Business
Male, 20-25 years old
At least 5'6” in height (Male)
With pleasing personality
Previous experience as counter checker, cashier in fast food or quick service industry an advantage
Fresh graduates may apply

Male/ Female, 18 - 25 Years of age
At least 5'6” in height (Male); 5'2” (Female)
With pleasing personality
At least College Level

Graduates of vocational / 2-year Associate course in Electrical / Aircon Technician
At least 5'6 in height (Male)
Preferably atleast 6 months working expeience
Male, 20-25 years old

Graduates of vocational/ 2-year Associate course in Electrical / Aircon Technician, or College Graduates of BS Electrical/ Mechnical Engineering
Must have at least 1 year work experience in retail operations, equipment repair & maintenance
Basic knowledge in carpentry, plumbing, mechanical and electrical works required
Male, 20 - 25 years old
At least 5'6” in height
Must have strong leadership skills and initiative

Graduates of Management/ Business Course, preferred
23 - 25 years of age
Male, 5'6” in height
At least 1 year working experience in retail operations, stock keeping, receiving/ releasing and warehousing functions

Schedule to follow
Kindly contact PESO LGU Daet for more information

CASURECO IV Advisory: NGCP emergency shutdown

NGCP power service emergency shutdown to conduct adjustment of conductor/jumper sag of structures near the tapping point of Anayan, Pili from 12:30-3:30PM today, Jan. 16, 2014. Power will be restored upon completion of work without prior notice.

Weather update January 16, 2014 11:00 AM


ISSUED AT: 11:00 AM, 16 JANUARY 2014

The Low Pressure Area (LPA) was estimated at 310 km east of Guiuan, eastern Samar (10.5˚N, 128.5˚E). This weather system will bring cloudy skies with moderate to occasionally heavy rains and thunderstorms over Caraga region which may trigger flashfloods and landslides while light to moderate rains and thunderstorms over Bicol region, Visayas and northern Mindanao. Residents are advised to take all the necessary precautionary measures.

Strong to gale force northeasterly surface wind flow associated with the surge of the northeast monsoon is expected to affect the seaboards of Luzon, Visayas and Caraga region. Hence, small seacrafts and fishing vessels are advised not to venture out into the sea due to big waves generated by this weather system.

Bicolana judge hailed to help in Ampatuan case

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno named Judge Genie Gapas-Agbada of the Virac, Catanduanes Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 42 as the third assisting judge in an effort to speed up the resolution of the four-year-old Ampatuan case.

Agbada, who is also an acting judge of the Quezon City RTC Branch 100, is tasked to handle non-trial incidents as well as resolve other motions and incidents, despite their pendency in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

On or before the 10th day of each month, Agbada will need to submit an accomplishment report to the Office of the Court Administrator through the Court Management Office.

Agbada passed the bar in 1990. For over ten years, she served as Solicitor III in the Office of the Solicitor General.

CASURECO II Notice of power interruption January 17, 2014

Notice of Power Service Interruption

8:00 am to 5 :00 PM
Feeder 13: Dayangdang, Liboton, Calauag, Bayan Norte, Bayan Sur, San Felipe, Pacol, Carolina, Panicuason, M. Castro

Reason: Load Tranasfer, Clearing of Lines, Correction of Fuse Rating at Dyd, Replacement of cracked insulator

9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Feeder 18: Balatas, Francia, portion of Elias Angeles, Seminary Rd., Sta. Cruz, Dimasalang, portion of Igualdad, portion of Jacob, Ateneo Avenue, P. Santos, Coke Plant, Villa Virginia Subd., Magsaysay Avenue, Mariano Village, Jimenez Subd.

Reason: Load Transfer, clearing of lines, replacement of fuse rating, replacement of cracked insulators, installation of jumper correction in Gellato, replacement of rotten crossarms.

100+ CSur establishments violate minimum wage rate—DOLE

Over a hundred establishments in the province of Camarines Sur are not complying with the minimum wage rate specified by the Department of Labor and Employment Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board V - Bicol.

This was declared by DOLE V Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra in a press conference yesterday concerning the new wage order.

Lacambra did not reveal the names of the establishments, but announced that they are now in a watch list that the agency's compliance officers will closely monitor.

He further encouraged employees whose employers are not complying with the minimum wage rate to file a complaint with the DOLE so that the agency may take the appropriate action on the matter.

Lacambra also announced the contents of Wage Order No. RBV-16, which increases the minimum wage of workers and employees in the private sector in the Region by P8, as compared to the rates in Wage Order No. RBV-15.

The Wage Order, which took effect last January 10, specifies different minimum wage rates for workers in non-agriculture establishments and those in the agriculture industry.

Fon-agriculture establishments employing more than ten workers, the rate is now P260, whereas for those employing not more than ten workers, the rate is P236.

For non-agriculture cottage industries, the rate is likewise P236.

P236 is also the rate for the agriculture industry.

Lacambra said that these rates are based on economic parameters supplied by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). These parameters are balanced against humanitarian considerations as well as the viability of business and industry.

According to the Wage Order, the wage rate per day applies to all minimum wage earners in the private sector in the Region regardless of their position, designation, or status of employment and irrespective of the method by which they are paid.

The Wage Order does not cover household or domestic workers, persons in the personal service of another, including family drivers and workers of duly-registered Barangay Micro-Business Enterprises (BMBEs) with certificates of authority pursuant to RA 9176.

Furthermore, the minimum wage rates shall be for the normal working hours, which shall not exceed eight (8) hours of work a day."

It will be recalled that in the past, there were different rates for towns and cities, according to whether they are first, second, third, fourth, or fifth class.

The Regional Director, however, explained that they opted to abolish these distinctions because there are negligible differences in the cost of living among these towns and cities.

The wage increase is a response to the Petition for Wage Increase, Recovery of Real Wage and Activation of The Regional Tripartite Monitoring Board, which was filed on August 20, 2013 by the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), Pinagkaisang Manggagawa sa Kooperatiba sa Kuryente-Bicol (PMMKB), and the CASURECO I Independent Union of Employees (CINDEUM).

The DOLE, giving due notice to the concerned sectors, conducted Provincial Public Hearings on Wage Issues in the six provinces of the Bicol Region on October 3, 8, 10, 14, 17, and 18.

The Wage Order is issued by virtue of the power and authority vested on the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) of Region V under Republic Act No. 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act.

Below is the full text of the wage order.


(UPDATED) Bicolano places 9th in Nursing Licensure Exam

Neil Emman Botardo
Neil Emman Botardo
A graduate of the University of Nueva Caceres placed 9th out of the 10,977 examinees who took the Nursing Licensure Exam last December.

Neil Emman Legario Botardo scored 84.60% in the exams.

Botardo is a resident of Malitbog, Minalabac, Camarines Sur, and the son of former barangay captain Disoy Botardo and Rodelia L. Botardo.

He finished his secondary education at Ateneo de Naga University.

Sharing the 9th spot with Botardo are Marseth Chavez Anota of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod City, Anna Rose Bago Caronan of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Anna Rose Bago Caronan of PLM, Joni Leih Villanueva Dongallo of Misamis University-Ozamis City, Jissey Raye Lorena Rafanan of Pilar College, and Riza Grace Resma Suribas of San Pedro College-Davao City.

Meanwhile, in first place are Kristine Joie Azarcon Danan of New Era University and Nikko Martel Viray Dio of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, who got a score of 82.60%.

Lester Canarejo Sapar of Negros Occidental-Recoletos placed second, with a score of 86%.

The other placers are as follows:

3rd, Ann Marie Bucoy Roldan of Central Philippine University and Marian Maro Vanslembrouck of Silliman University - 85.80%

4th, Dharline Abbygale Garvida Agullana of Mariano Marcos State University-Batac - 85.60%

5th, Hannah Philene Diego Calub of Saint Mary's University and Charmaine Canja of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod City - 85.40%

6th, Liberty Pensotes Alvarez of CDH Allied Medical Colleges (formerly Calamba Doctors), Charity Paniergo Mondragon of West Negros College, and Paulene Chaian Garcia Perez of Saint Paul University-Tuguegarao - 85.20%

7th, Cindy Claire Llacuna Alcantara of Father Saturnino Urios University (Urios College), Kevin Delos Reyes Bañares of PLM, Charisma Faye Garcia Castillo of Saint Paul University-Tuguegarao, Rex John Ponte Dominado of Central Philippine University, Kristyl Anne Capulong Lazo of San Pedro College-Davao City, Herson Palac Ramirez of Saint Mary's College, Pauline Anne Ocampo Tamayo of Trinity University of Asia, and Carla Ann Sirigan Zinampan of Medical College of Northern Philippines - 85.00%

8th, Karla Bernadine Paras Bulaclac of Ateneo de Davao University, Kevina Mariz Mendizabal Dajoyag of PLM, Ezzara Maye Macarubbo Dela Cruz of St. Paul University-Tuguegarao, John Raphael Reyes Enriquez of PLM, Syndey Florence Albaran Iragana of Saint Paul University-Iloilo, Hajie Buca Mariano of St. Mary's University, Crisler Joy Edillo Reyes, Nichol Jon Burt Aniñon Ruaya of University of San Carlos, John Michael Juntilla Sedao of St. Paul University-Tuguegarao -84.80%

10th, Nikky Patroceño Canarejo of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod City, Irene Lebanan Cartagena of Central Philippine University, Howel Fernando Cristobal of Saint Mary's University, Irish Jane Moya Lee of Central Philippine University, Audrey Anne Grace Raza Lim of San Pedro College-Davao City, Leslie Ann Pablo Marantan of Medical College of Northern Philippines, Aireen Mae Salva Ong of Xavier University, Theresa May Porsuelo Pimentel of Xavier University, Gelbert Jan Sumagaysay Porque of Central Philippine University, Rhechell Cerna Sale of Arellano University-Manila, Chariza Mae Pascua Santos of Saint Mary's University and Kayeshe Sucaldito Torres of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod City - 84.40%

The exams were given last December 7 and 8 in various testing centers across the nation, including Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Laoag, Legazpi, Lucena, Nueva Ecija, Pagadian, Pampanga, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Masbate Rodeo Festival 2014

Masbate Rodeo Festival
March 30-April 13, 2014
Masbate City, Masbate

HRET junks election protest vs Cong Dato

Cong. Dato Arroyo
The House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) dismissed the protest case filed by Luis Raymund Villafuerte, Jr., against Congressman Diosdado Ignacio Jose Maria "Dato" M. Arroyo (Second District, Camarines Sur) for failure to state a cause of action.

It will be recalled that Luis Raymond  F. Villafuerte, Jr., on May 13, 2013, filed a verified protest against Diosdado Ignacio Jose Maria M. Arroyo. Arroyo was proclaimed as the duly-elected member of the House of Representatives, for the 2nd district of Camarines Sur, on May 16, 2013. 

According to the tally, he garnered 65,925 votes.

The protestant, Villafuerte, Jr., based his complaint on the following grounds: (1) the credibility of the results of the election on account of the higher number of alleged invalid votes cast; and (2) massive fraud and irregularities during the casting and canvassing of votes.

In the same protest, Villafuerte, Jr., prays for the issuance of a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction to enjoin protestee from discharging the functions and duties as congressional representative of the 2nd district of Camarines Sur during the pendency of the protest. In addition, he asks for the annulment of protestee’s proclamation, an issuance of an order for the COMELEC to release the audit log and all other accountable forms of all 211 PCOS machines in the 2nd district of Camarines Sur to determine the exact time of transmission results of each precinct. Lastly, he petitions for a manual recount of the votes.

Further, it was noted, that upon the evaluation of the protest, the individual and clustered precinct numbers and the location of the contested  precincts were not stated in the petition.

On August 25, 2013, the Tribunal issued Resolution No. 13-065 directing the protestant to show cause why his complaint should not be dismissed  for being insufficient in form and substance in accordance with Rule 21 of the 2011 HRET Rules.

Meanwhile, on September 13, 2013, protestant submitted a compliance dated September 12, 2013 claiming that he is contesting all the individual and clustered precincts per municipality or city. This was  evidenced by copies of election returns and the tabulated results of the individual and clustered precincts per municipality attached to his initiatory pleading.

However, a careful evaluation of the protest reveals that Villafuerte, Jr. questioned a total of 211 clustered precincts in the 2nd congressional district of Camarines Sur. This is contrary to his subsequent claim that he is protesting all the individual and clustered precincts in said legislative district, the tribunal said.

Likewise, a conscientious review of the copies of election returns, the tribunal further stated, shows a total number of 227 clustered precincts. However, the tabulated results indicate a total of 211 clustered precincts only. Furthermore, there are clustered precincts in the election results which are not included in the tabulated results, and vice versa.

The HRET also concluded that the protest violated Rule 16 of the 211 rules of the tribunal which provide that an election protest shall state: (1) the date of proclamation of the winner and the number of votes obtained by the parties; (2) the total number of contested individual and clustered precincts per municipality; (3) the individual and clustered precinct numbers and location of the contested precincts; and (4) the specific acts or omissions complained of consisting the electoral fraud, anomalies or irregularities in the contested precincts.

“In sum, the protest is insufficient in form and substance considering that it does not contain a statement as to the specific and total number of contested individual and clustered precincts per municipality and the individual and clustered precinct numbers and location of the contesting precincts, thus effectively failing to state a cause of action. [..] Wherefore, the instant protest is dismissed for failure to state a cause of action,” the resolution reads.

The said order of the tribunal was signed by Girlie I. Salarda, Secretary of the Tribunal.

PNP forms task force to probe ex-DPWH Regional Director's slay

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga – The Pampanga police on Wednesday formed a special investigation task force group to identify and arrest the suspects behind the killing of a barangay chairman in Macababe town.

Senior Superintendent Oscar Albayalde, Pampanga police provincial director, said that unidentified armed men riding-in-tandem on board a motorcycle shot dead Tuesday village chief Danilo Manalang, 60, of barangay San Jose, Macabebe town.

Albayalde said the task group will be headed by Superintendent Ricardo Pangan, deputy provincial director for operations.

As of this writing, he said they are still clueless on the motive behind Manalang’s slaying.

Albayalde said the victim, together with his companions, were buying food in a canteen located along Barangay Sto. Rosario in Macabebe town when a lone gunman suddenly appeared and shot him at close range.

The suspect shot the victim three times before boarding a parked motorcycle and fled towards Barangay San Rafael, Macabebe town.

The victim was immediately taken to Holy Rosary Hospital also in Macabebe but was declared dead on arrival by attending doctors, Albayalde said.

The gunman was wearing a bonnet and black jacket and armed with a caliber .45 pistol, he added. (PNA)



Relief operations underway in Uson, Masbate

The Local Government Office of the Municipality of Uson, Masbate was quick to undertake relief operations as rains submerged some of its low-lying areas.

Through its Municipal Social Work and Development and Municipal Health Office, the LGU was able to evacuate some 204 families.

According to Ian Mark Rodrigo Oliva , a nurse of the Regional Health Unit of the aforementioned municipality, their group has already conducted relief operations in Barangay Buenvavista.

The evacuees, he informed BICOL STANDARD, are housed in San Lorenzo Shine and Buenavista Birthing Clinic of the same village.

 Members of the Municipal Social Work and Development, Municipal Health Office, and some barangay officials quickly responded to needs of the residents of Barangay Buenavista) (Photos are courtesy of Ian Mark Rodrigo Oliva, who appears in the first picture.)


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