Oas local gov’t loses around P250,000 to robbers

OAS, Albay – This town's government building was not spared by robbers, who brazenly ransacked the Office of the Treasurer.

The break-in was discovered only yesterday.

Reported missing was the revenue collection of Pillar Ollet amounting to Php 50,875.24 as well as the Php 200,000.00 cash of said LGU.

Also carted away by the robbers were the following: the  Oas Community College collection amounting to Php 42, 860.00,  Christmas party contribution of Php 30,000.00, cash owned by a certain Josie amounting to Php 30,000.00, cash owned by a certain Ester amounting to  Php 8,000.00, and cash owned by a certain Roger amounting to  Php 100,000.00 ;one unit Tablet i-POD, vouchers, and  payrolls.

Ocular inspection disclosed that the suspect/s gained entry by climbing into the second floor of said

Then, the alleged robber/s destroyed the back door’s padlock. 

Suspect/s then  proceeded to the treasurer’s office at the ground floor and destroyed the main door’s padlock.

Once inside, he/they took away the items and cash by destroying the drawers.

The incident took place between 11:00 P.M of December 12 to 5:00 A.M. yesterday.

Police are still conducting further investigation on the matter.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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