Police uses masking tape-sealed gun to maul minor

LEGAZPI CITY—Members of the Albay police are now searching for a fellow police officer who was identified as the suspect in the mauling of a 15-year-old student here on Christmas.

The suspect was identified as PSInsp. Ferdinand Aterrado, a police officer assigned at the Albay Philippine Public Safety College, Camp General Simeon Ola here.

Initial information disclosed that the victim was walking with his friend along Anahaw Village at around 4:10 a.m. when Aterrado asked: "Hoy, kamo su nag-ayot sako?"

The suspect carried an armalite with a muzzle that was sealed with masking tape.

He approached the victim and struck him with the hand guard of the firearm on his forehead, causing an injury.

Afraid of what the suspect might do next, the victim and his companion ran away.

At around 10:10 a.m. of the same date, the victim reported the incident to the Legazpi City Police Station. He averred that he can identify the suspect if he sees him again.

Meanwhile, the investigators said that SPO1 Culbert Velasco and duty base police personnel of the camp revealed in interviews that they saw Aterrado carrying a long firearm.

Mark Nipas, the security guard of a convenience store near the vicinity where the incident took place, also maintained that he saw a man with a long firearm inflict harm on the victim.

The Legazpi City Police Station has already requested for the convenience store's CCTV footage, which may aid in the investigation.

It would be recalled that the muzzles of the police officers' firearms were sealed in order to prevent indiscriminate and unauthorized firing during the holidays.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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