Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Karapatan-Bikol commemorates International Human Rights Day

Photo via Sari Saysay

NAGA CITY--Karapatan-Bikol, as well as other militant groups, commemorated the International Human Rights Day with protest marches around the region.

Karapatan-Bicol spokesperson Vince Casilihan, in an interview with BICOLSTANDARD.COM, expressed his vehement condemnation of what he alleges are the state’s attacks on the social, economic, and political rights of the people. 

Said Casilihan, the government's abuses are apparent in the face of continuing plunder, corruption, militarization, harassment, abdudction and extra-judicial killing.

He likewise lashed at the government officials who took advantage of the hyped calamities to cash in on the plight of the victims of the natural disasters. 

Casilihan punctuated the interview with a call addressed to the Bicolanos. He asks them to unite in condemning what he he asserts is the continuing violation of the people’s rights by the Aquino government.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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