Albay farmer seeks justice for slaughtered pet dog

65-year-old farmer Silvestre Ravago traveled all the way to Manila from his home in Bicol with nothing but fare money and a few documents, hoping to bring justice to his beloved dog that was killed by an intruder.

Even with little money in his pocket, teary-eyed Mang Besti (Ravago) endured a long bus ride to to seek help from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Quezon City, after his plea for justice was ignored by the police in his hometown of Oas, Albay.

The police refused to investigate when they found out that the case involved a dog, saying animals were not under their jurisdiction.

“Ella is like one of my children. She sleeps with us,” Ravago mentioned in Filipino to the officials at PAWS. “I cannot just let what happened to her pass. Her killer should be punished."

The heartbroken farmer could hardly look at the pictures of his slain dog, which he brought along with his IDs and a certification and report from barangay officials to assist him in his case.

PAWS executive director Anna Cabrera helped Ravago draft an affidavit required to file his complaint last Tuesday.

Ella, a mixed breed dog, was Ravago's cherished pet and guard dog for seven years, until she was slaughtered on the evening of November 6 while he was out of the house.

A drunk man wielding a machete entered their premises and swung his weapon at the dog who was barking at the intruder. Ravago's son attempted to stop the man, but failed.

Ella, deeply and severely wounded, did not survive regardless of the barangay tanods' attempts to save the dog.

According to Cabrera, the police chief of Oas was sent a letter from PAWS “so that they will be better informed next time someone approaches them about animal crimes.”-- BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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