3 civilians hurt as NPAs spray bullets at temporary army base

San Jacinto, Masbate News

SAN JACINTO, Masbate-- Three civilians were wounded at about 8:40 am today when NPAs indiscriminately fired at the temporary Patrol Base of the 93rd Division Reconnaissance Company  in Sitio Guiwanon, Barangay Danao, here.
After the attack, soldiers conducted clearing operations and found three wounded civilians. The soldiers were able to apply medical first aid to the victims who were later brought to the nearest hospital, said the official report.

One remains to be on critical status. 

Per SOLCOM campaign, the 903rd Infantry Brigade poured in troops in Ticao Island to stop rampant NPA extortion activities here.

Speaking on this incident, Col. Cesar M. Idio, Commander of the 903rd Infantry Brigade, said that: "These are desperate moves of the NPAs because they cannot extort revolutionary taxes from the civilians in the island due to the presence of troops in the area."

He adds: "They want the troops to leave the island so that they can also continue on with their Agrarian Revolutionary Programs and continue harvesting the agricultural products of the big parcels of land that they confiscated from the legitimate owners." 

A hot pursuit operation is ongoing. --With report from Duke Maggay, Kabalikat Civicom, Brigada Castilla, PIO SOLCOM, WWW.BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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