OIC Police Supt. Escobal wants out of Naga City?

NAGA CITY – “Police officers come and go. I will just abide by the orders of my superiors.”

These were the statements made by Officer-in-Charge City Director Supt. Filmore Escobal when asked by BICOL STANDARD regarding his alleged re-assignment.

OIC Police Supt. Escobal
Photo by Oscar Esmenda/BICOLSTANDARD.COM
He explained that the minimum period of assignment for a chief of police is 6 months, while the maximum is two years.

Escobal assumed office as OIC PNP City Director here last June 1. Prior to this, he was assigned in Davao City.

Despite the fact that he has been working for only four months as City Director, Escobal has already achieved a substantial amount of accomplishments in his battle against criminality, particularly in the enforcement of the laws against the use of illegal drugs, riding-in-tandem-criminals, and carnappers.
Escobal, however, admitted, that he misses his family, who remains in Davao City.

He also revealed that during his stint in Davao, he established a good working relationship with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

 “There are now opportunities for me to be assigned closer to my family. The PNP City Director of Davao is presently headed by an Officer-In Charge, while the Office of the PNP Provincial Director of Compostela Valley is also vacant,” he said.

“These police stations will certainly look for a new police chief, and just in case I would be reassigned to any of these places, I will be closer to my family,” he stressed.

Escobal also said that he was not happy with the fact that the Naga City PNP does not enjoy the much-needed support of Naga City Administrator Florencio “Jun” Mongoso.

At the height of Typhoon Glenda, he related that his office requested for a little assistance to provide cups of coffee to the police officers.

He was, however, immediately turned down.

He said that his team was demoralized by the downright refusal, especially since they had been working very hard.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that Escobal has more serious gripes, but he declined to make a statement about these, pending personal discussion with Mayor John Bongat.

He explained to the BICOL STANDARD that he is scheduled to meet with Bongat to thresh out problems that may hamper the operation of the local police.

“I have no problems with Mayor Bongat,” he emphasized, “I am also not requesting for any transfer of assignment.”

Over the weekend, rank and file members of the Naga City PNP in separate interviews said that Escobal will no longer be effective an OIC Chief of this city, because he allegedly spends more time outside Naga.

Escobal vehemently denied this allegation.

Meanwhile, the same rank and file members divulged that there is some demoralization among them because they feel that the city government is not interested in assisting them.

“We used to hold office at the Naga City Police Station at Barlin St. We were directed make JMR Coliseum our temporary office while there was an alleged plan that the Barlin office would be improved. Some buildings were even demolished. But after moving to JMR Coliseum, we were told to go back to our old office, which remains to be renovated.”

Meanwhile, residents of Naga City have complained that they are now confused as to where the police station is, due to these confusing changes.

The Naga City Police Office is still at the old station along Barlin St., the officers clarified.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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