EDITORIAL: The Tallado teleserye: a case of convoluted script

As the nation continues to be gripped with the twisted and smoldering politcal saga of Governor Edgardo “Egay” Tallado, the plot continues to thicken.

The Tallado teleserye: a case of convuluted script
The Tallado teleserye: a case of convoluted script
This week, Gov. Tallado faced the cameras and his constituents to make an emotionally-charged statement of apology. It was reminiscent of former US President Bill Clinton’s public apology when he was confronted with the issue of his illicit affair with Monica Lewinsky. The apology was reminiscent, but not the same.

Unlike Clinton, Tallado never made a daring confession. A confession treats of an unqualified admission of guilt. In the governor’s case, he merely expressed remorse for dragging the names of his family, the alleged mistress, and the province into the scandal. He did not categorically admit engaging in an illicit affair.

To add to this, after making the public apology, he has now raised questions on the authencity of the lewd pictures allegedly of him and his 24-year-old mistress.

Yet despite this, he has also expressed his plea from his political opponents and the netizens from sharing the scandalous photos. He has also invoked the intervention of the Department of Justice (DOJ) in finding out the perpetrator behind the circulation of the photos and videos.

This twist raises the questions. If it were not really him in the photos, why issue a public qualified apology when he could have made a denial outright? Why seek the aid of the DOJ to determine the identity of the person who uploaded the photos and video?

Like a case of badly written telenovela, the audience is left stumped. The viewer is only left with the conclusion that Tallado is probably acting in conformity with the what is jokingly regarded to be the revered Code of Men. The same ordains: First, never get caught with your lover. Second, in case you are is caught in flagranti delicto, never admit to the crime.

The Tallado-serye has been dragging on for more than a week. It is time the governor should gets his act together.

Indubitably, his being embroiled in this chaotic sultry telenovela has marred the image of the province. It has likewise diverted his attention from manning the top executive post into maneuvering the attention of the public away from the alleged affair.

Too, it must be stated, that the governor cannot decry against the public outrage against acts which he has has committed in his private capacity. As a public officer, he cannot expect to be judged differently when he is acting in his private capacity or as public individual. There can be no dichotomy in treatment between his private or public conduct because is called to live up to the exacting standards of morality. After all, he is the governor. He is not only his province’s chief administrator. He also its political symbol.

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