Aswang text message a hoax--Sorsogon PNP

SORSOGON--"There is definitely no truth to the report circulating in this province about the alleged aswang or witch sightings in several towns of this province," P/Chief Insp. Nonito Marquez told the BICOL STANDARD after their office has been flooded with queries from local residents and the local media regarding the text messages that have been circulating since two days ago.

Marquez said that some residents are already afraid of this news, which he clarified as false.

"It could have been the product of some joke peddled by pranksters sent via text messaging," said the police officer.

What gave a semblance of plausibility is the fact that the sender claims that the message came from PNP Sorsogon, which is not true.

Just this morning, Marquez said that he had received information from the residents of Bacon,Bulusan and Juban, asking the police about the veracity of the report.

Meanwhile, Marquez believes that this wrong information could have reached many cell phone users and is causing anxiety among their residents."

I want to inform all Sorsoganons that there is no truth to the witch story. It is not true," he stressed.

Meanwhile, the police warned pranksters to avoid this kind of joke. "It will not do us any good," he said.

A thorough investigation is now being conducted to identify the author of the message. -- BICOLSTANDARD.COM BICOL NEWS


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