AKO Bicol pushes for energy conservation

AKO Bicol Party-list Reps. Christopher Co and Rodel Batocabe have filed House Bill 3645, a bill urging the government and the private sector to adopt energy conservation and efficient energy utilization measures.

Ako Bicol
Ako Bicol
Co said that environmental stewardship is a responsibility not only of the government but the private sector as well.

"In order for the efforts to have substantial and enduring impact, the measures, practices, and programs should be undertaken by all stakeholders and should be institutionalized in both government and private sectors," Co explained.

Batocabe, for his part, maintained that efforts to conserve energy is not only the responsibility of the government but of all energy-users as well.

"It is important to implement cost-effective energy conservation measures because the non-renewable energy source is finite and the current supply must be conserved in order for our natural resources to be available for future generations," Batocabe said.

"The efficient and judicious use of energy is everyone's concern and responsibility," he added.

Under the measure, all energy-using persons and entities shall exert efforts to use available resources efficiently, to adopt policies and practices on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and energy management pursuant to programs, guidelines, rules, policies, and programs as determined by the Department of Energy.

The bill provides that the Department of Energy (DOE), as the lead energy agency for the planning, formulation, and development of energy management policies, shall consult and coordinate with other government agencies and the private sector for the effective implementation of energy efficiency and conservation policies.

The DOE shall promote collaborative efforts with the private sector, particularly the commercial, industrial, transport, and power sectors, to broaden and enhance their efficient utilization of energy.

The DOE shall formulate feasible policies, programs, and rules on energy conservation, efficient energy utilization measures and sustainable practices, which shall be implemented by all government office and private sectors.

The DOE shall formulate sector or industry-specific policies, programs, and rules on energy conservation, efficient energy utilization measures and sustainable practices to the different types of sectors or industries, such as the industrial manufacturing, transportation, power sector and the commercial.

Likewise, the DOE shall set annual targets and plans for the implementation of energy efficiency and conservation projects or measures; and monitors the compliance of all, provided that such policies programs and plans shall lower energy or utility costs in connection with the operation or maintenance of such building, facility, business industry or sector and will reduce energy consumption and achieve the energy consumption targets.

All non-government offices and business establishments shall inform the Department of Energy in writing about the policies formulated and enforced in their respective offices.

Such notification shall likewise be an administrative requirement prior to the operation, creation, or establishment of new non-government offices and business establishments.

The DOE shall prescribe the appropriate administrative sanctions on any administrative office or officer, human relations office or officer, or any person or office holding a comparable role that shall fail to comply with the requirements under the proposed act.

Likewise, erring non-government offices and business establishments shall also suffer the penalty of suspension of their permit to operate.With report from Jazmin S. Camero, Media Relations Service-PRIB, BICOLSTANDARD.COM