SOCO rules out foul play in Grageda’s death

NAGA CITY – “There was no foul play nor any sign that robbery was committed in the residence of former city councilor Jose 'Joe' Grageda.” This is the conclusion made by the members of the Scene of the Crime operatives (SOCO), who were immediately dispatched to the apartment after the discovery of the lifeless body of Goyena Grageda, the wife of Joe.

At around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, police probers rushed to the Grageda’s after they received a phone call requesting for immediate police assistance.

The members of the SOCO, upon reaching the place, immediately collected the pieces of evidence then available to ascertain if a crime was committed against the victim.

An investigation was also made inside the apartment, which was also being utilized as a store, to discover if money or valuable items were missing.

The report gathered reveals that apart from the telephone and the electric fan, which were found not in their proper place, there were no other signs that would indicate that burglars entered the place.

Further, the report claims that Mrs. Grageda was regularly taking maintenance medicine for her high blood pressure. Said ailment could have triggered her death.

In the same query, it was noticed that there was an injury upon her forehead which could have resulted when she fell to the floor.

It will be recalled that before the investigation, there were reports that filtered to the different media outlets that discussed the possibility that burglars could have entered their apartment.

The police clarified that in their thorough investigation inside the said house, nothing was stolen.

Meanwhile, the authorities said that they will review the autopsy report to put closure to this incident.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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