An open letter to APEC

by Mj Buan Ruivivar

I am writing this letter with the hopes of being heard by APEC and the local government. I also intend this letter to circulate so that this may reach the authorities.

Since May 28, 2014, residents of Legazpi City and nearby towns have suffered terribly due to heat and darkness. For more than a week now, electricity has been on and off. Many people are ranting and expressing their anger through social networking sites like Facebook but APEC
remains deaf to our pleas.

Since last week, all we get are mere updates as to the location of the newly-purchased transformers, etc. But do we really need those updates? What we need are results and not those location updates. We have become helpless and are slowly becoming hopeless especially these days when you keep posting FALSE updates as well as schedules of brownout that you fail to follow. To quote my friend, "Aw sabi daa rotation ang brown out... Steady bga samo!" Since the other day, it was posted on Governor Joey Sarte Salceda's FB account that there will be lesser time for power interruption, but in reality, we had more!

Last June 5, 2014, did not have electricity from 8am to 4:50pm then went off again at 9pm-9:30pm and since then, the electricity was like Christmas lights blinking from time to time. Then at around 3:30am to 7:30pm straight, we did not have electricity again. After an hour, it went off again!

As what my friend told me earlier. There are so many lives affected by this problem, which should have been addressed right away, to wit:

1. Many big and small businesses lose a huge amount of money. This, according to another friend of mine, is economic sabotage and is bad for the city and province as many of these businesses plan to leave already and put their businesses elsewhere.

2. Online workers, those who are working homebased with the use of the Internet, are also losing some amount of money, which is their only source of income.

3. People are getting sick. My children are having asthma attacks because of the heat. There are even reports of death tolls already because of heat stroke and other illnesses related to this problem.

4. Crimes are slowly increasing everyday. There's a report that in Bicol University, a female student was kidnapped and until now, she's nowhere to be found. It may or may not be related to this but somehow, it is part of this. Many houses are robbed because of darkness.

5. Students could not study their lessons well. And in the morning, they have to go to school with lack of sleep and are dead tired from the heat the previous night.

6. Household appliances are getting destroyed. Personally, I have already changed my PC's power supply 3 times in a row due to intermittent power connection. Our refrigerator is not functioning well. Our TV's screen is color blue or green.

Now, APEC, what can you say? Are you happy these things are happening? My questions are:

1. Who will be responsible for the losses of these establishments?

2. Who will pay for the wages of these online workers? Who will send their children to school? Who will give them money to support their families?

3. Who will pay for the hospitalization and medication of the people? Who will be responsible for the death of people due to brownout?

4. Can we blame you for these crimes?

5. How can our children cope up with this lack of sleep and tiredness?

6. Are you going to pay for the damaged appliances?

Probably, you will say, of course APEC will not be responsible for all these problems I have mentioned above. But in reality, APEC IS TO BE BLAMED DUE TO POOR SERVICE!

1. Are you not contented that once in a whole, there's province-wide power outtage?

2. We expeccted that APEC will provide better service than ALECO since APEC is under San Miguel Corporation. But since the takeover, everything was worse than what it was before! It would have been better if MERALCO took over our electric company because I have experienced this problem way back in early 1990's in Manila but again, I am xperiencing this problem here in the province now in the modern age.

3. We are paying on time, mind you, APEC. But if we won't be able to do so, there's a certain percentage that you add to our bill as surcharge for delayed payment.

Now, I am calling all Legazpenos as well as Albayanos to join me and become united by sharing this letter in your wall so that our voices will be heard by APEC and our LGUs.

I suggest the following as well:

1. Abolish the surcharge if consumers cannot pay on time.

2. For every day, this problem won't be resolved, let APEC pay penalties as well.

3. LGUs, please give ULTIMATUM to APEC.

I don't have much to say anymore. I hope this will reach you, APEC!

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