Son of Naga City councilor collared in entrapment operation

NAGA CITY –“Namumundo ako. Ikinakasupog ko.” (I feel sad. I am ashamed of it.”) These were the instant reactions made by City Councilor Jose Tuazon, in an interview over DWNX yesterday regarding the involvement of his son in an entrapment operation.
Naga City Police Office
Naga City Police Office
Joseph Ivan Anthony Tuazon y Ballares was arrested by the group of P/Supt Eymard Zaldivar Gomez, together with the members of the Detective Management Unit of the Naga City Police Office (NCPO) in an entrapment operation.

The police report said that at around 3:00 pm yesterday, former City Councilor Raoul Rosales received a telephone call from Ning Salazar, an employee of E-mall.

Salazar inquired if Rosales is aware of the letter that is being shown to E-mall that requests financial support for Mrs. Jenna Rosales, wife of Raoul, who the letter said, is sick with cancer and needs financial assistance.
The police records show that Joseph Ivan Anthony Tuazon, had with him a letter purportedly signed by Raoul Rosales and City Councilor Jose Perez, whom he made to appear to have endorsed the same.

The solicitation letter is printed using the Letter head of the Office of the Vice Mayor of Naga City.

The following are listed as alleged donors:

Jemie Poon - P10,000
New South Star Drug - P10,000
Mercury Drug - P8,000
Puregold - P10,000
Cabral Central - P9,000
Generic Drug Store - P10,000
Bodega - P4,000
Marantz - P5,000
Josie Rivero - P4,000
Lotus Extreme - P4,000
Lucky Dept. Store - 7,000
Boning's Trading - P5,000
Avenue Square - P8,000
LCC - P9,000
Hong - P2,000
Unitop - P2,000
Novo - P2,000

In the investigation, it was found out that both signatures of Rosales and Perez were fake.

Upon this incident, the Intelligence section of the NCPO planned an entrapment operation against Tuazon.

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During the entrapment, marked money amounting to P2,000, with serial number GN059823 and HG910090, that was used by the intelligence agents, was found in Tuazon’s possession.

The suspect is now detained at the NCPO. He will be charged with violation of the law on Forgery and other deceits, according to the police.

The charge is now being prepared to be filed with the City Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, over DWNX, the suspect admitted that he has been using illegal drugs for the past three years. He further stated that it is his intention to undergo drug rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the NCPO confirmed that this is not the first time that the name of the suspect figured in illegal acts.

His name also came up in an investigation that involved the collection of money from persons who are applying for their guns to be licensed. But, in several instances, after having collected the money from his clients, Tuazon would no longer show up, and no gun license is produced.

On the part of City Councilor Tuazon, he said that while he is very sorry for what happened to his son, he is at the same time thankful that he was already apprehended for his illegal acts.

The suspect has been a casual employee of the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Naga for past 15 years. He is assigned in the office of his father, Councilor Tuazon.

He claims that the last salary that he received was for March 2014.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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