Atenean activist Mijares faces 2 criminal charges, prepares to post bail

NAGA CITY—Two criminal charges were filed against Pio Emmanuel Mijares y Reyes, the Ateneo de Naga University student who was apprehended yesterday for interrupting President Benigno Aquino III’s Independence Day speech here.
Pio Emmanuel Mijares
Pio Emmanuel Mijares
Photo courtesy of Vince Casilihan
Mijares is held for violation of Articles 153 and 148 of the Revised Penal Code, or tumults and other disturbances of public order, and assault upon an agent of a person in authority.

2nd Assistant City Prosecutor Antonio D. Guerina Jr. recommended a total bail of P8,000 for the two cases.

At press time, his legal counsels, Atty. Luis Ruben General and Atty. Ricky Tomotorgo are preparing to post bail. Mijares has been detained since yesterday at the Naga City Police Office.

It will be recalled that Mijares was arrested for shouting “Patalsikin ang Pork Barrel King! Walang pagbabago sa Pilipinas!” while holding a banner with the words “Oust PNoy,” “Scrap all forms of pork,” and “DAP ibasura,” during the President’s speech.

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News of Mijares’ arrest elicited varied reactions from netizens. Some condemn Mijares’ choice of venue in airing his gripes against the government. Others, meanwhile, hail him as a hero for having the courage to voice out his opinion on current issues.

The comments read:

“I know what he did is something stupid..... but I call it BRAVERY!!!.... Salute to this guy who at an early age knows how to stand on what he think is right in this rotten government!!!”

“He should be recognized as the 16th Bicol martyr.”

“You have to admire the guts and conviction of that boy who heckled the president ... but we also have to realize that with YOUTH comes inexperience and the lack of restraint and maturity.”

“Freedom of expression is everyone's right. However,there's always a proper way of doing it.”

“walang modo. hindi ba cya tinuruan na antayin matapos ang nagsasalita bago ka sumabat? wait for your turn.”

"I will not be quick on the trigger and condemn Em for what he allegedly did. We can disagree on
whether what he did was proper or not. But what was the spirit behind his act?"

“But still, this Atenean is more commendable than the others who, to best celebrate our nation's independence, decided to use Independence Day-related captions for their selfies for a change.”

"Whoever he is, I am proud of him. Naga has always been known as anti-national government."

"The young will have their time. But not TODAY !"

Last night, a group of students planned to conduct a vigil for Mijares in front of the Naga City Police Office. However, cooler heads prevailed upon them to wait for the legal action that their lawyers would recommend.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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