Spate of shoplifting in Albay continues

POLANGUI, ALBAY--A suspect who allegedly attempted to shoplift at the Polangui branch of Novo Jeans and Commercial Store was apprehended by the security guard of said establishment the other day.

The incident occured at around 4:40 in the afternoon, according to the police report.

The suspect, Gina Munda y Cana, 46 years old, was nabbed when a pair of denim pants worth P200, a hair plait worth P20, and a dog collar worth P35, all unpaid, were reportedly found in her possession by the security guard, Ronald Biscas y Lomibao.

Munda was turned over by the security guard, and the person in charge of the store, Michelle Dela Cruz, to Polangui MPS for proper disposition.

It will be recalled that a number of shoplifting incidents have been reported in Albay for the past few months, prompting some to consider the installation of CCTV cameras within stores.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM
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