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Albayanos slam 30-hour-long brownout

A widespread power service interruption that has been going on for more than 30 hours grips some areas in the province of  Albay.

Some 300,000  Albayanos from Legazpi City, Manito, and Sto. Domingo are estimated to be affected by the interruption, which is reportedly due to damage in the Bitano Substation of the Albay Power and Energy Corporation (APEC).

Repairmen of SMC have been at work since 11:00 am of May 28.

Meantime, Albayanos who have access to social media have expressed their displeasure over the power service interruption.

Advocacy group Karapatan Bicol, which previously slammed the move to privatize the cooperative, also denounced the brownout. They blame those who have supported the move to privatize the operation of ALECO.

In a statement, spokesperson Vince Casilihan said “Ang gabos po na namamatean ta ngunian iyo po ang pagtugot kang saindong mga pulitiko! Ang pagiging bakong makatao kan saindong Bishop!”

Other netizens have nicknamed Albay the “Brownout Capital” because of the incident.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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