EDITORIAL: Let it go?

Netizens were quick to sympathize with the employees of the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur who have had part of their salaries withheld to pay for the missing money of actor Derek Ramsay.
Many voiced out their indignation over the lack of due process, at how swift the Human Resources Office Head decided to withhold half of their meager salaries without first conducting a thorough investigation into where the money really went.
Let it go, or fight against injustice?
Photos from top right, clockwise: Derek Ramsay (TV5), CWC Cabana (CWC Website), and Elsa, the character who sang the Frozen theme song, "Let It Go."
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To us, however, it comes to no surprise that such is the action taken by the employers of the members of the housekeeping and Civil Security Unit groups. It isn’t, after all, the first time that employees of the Provincial Capitol were forced to pay for an item that had gone missing in the wakepark. There was a time once, according to the personal accounts of the employees, that the P50,000 cost of a lost DSLR camera had to come out of their pockets. It is worth noting that these employees earn around P6,000 a month, so that amount is no loose change for them. It is money that could have paid for their food or their children’s tuition.

Yet even less surprising is that save for the Commission on Human Rights, which came to the aid of the complaining employees by writing a letter to the governor, there seems to be little public clamor for justice. Apart from social media, where the comments sections become the site for seeking change, few people are engaging in discussions over this latest incident.

It is unsurprising because Camarinenses have grown accustomed to accounts of abuses in the Capitol: of stories of scalding coffee splashed against the faces of employees, of insults that some officials offer as breakfast to lowly workers, of plates smashed just because the flavor of the dish did not please the powers-that-be, of reports ripped because the facts and figures put the Capitol in a bad light. The public has gotten numb to these stories. Having lost their shock factor, they are reduced to fodder for gossip, the latest episode in a sadistic teleserye where the plot twists perpetually favor the antagonists.

A Disney song that is popular these days admonishes one to “Let it go,” to forgive and forget, to move on. But that is not the stance we must take as injustice once again seems to be on the verge of winning. This time, we must speak up for those who are silenced by sheer fear. Let us not wait for another act of abuse before we stand up for what is right.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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