FDA recalls Lily's Peanut Butter

A batch of Lily's Peanut Butter was recalled by the Food and Drug Administration due to the presence of an unacceptable level of aflatoxin.

 Lily's Peanut Butter
The FDA released the following statement regarding the product today: "In line with the continuous monitoring of all prepackaged peanut-based products relative to FDA Advisory 2014-008, the public is hereby advised that the Department of Health - Food and Drug Administration has issued a Product Recall Order to Newborn Food Products, Inc. for the product Lily's Peanut Butter (170 grams) identified under Lot No. A1 10:26, with expiry date 052314 which was found to contain an unacceptable level of Aflatoxin.

The recall involves only  the specified product under the mentioned lot number and no other Lily's peanut butter variants and sizes are affected by the recall.

The manufacturer is ordered to immediately recall the above-mentioned affected product.  All retail outlets carrying the product under the identified lot number are ordered to coordinate with the manufacturer regarding the recall and discontinue selling the affected product to the consumers.  The public may send queries and their concerns to FDA's official email address, info@fda.gov.ph.

Further, consumers are hereby assured that the FDA conducts continuous monitoring and market surveillance of all peanut-based food products for the purpose of ensuring protection of public health."

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