Largest beached sperm whale in PH gets buried

The local government unit of Barcelona in Sorosogon is doing its best effort in removing the decomposing sperm whale which was found off the coast of Sitio Agoho around the boundaries of barangays Poblacion Sur and Luneta.

Photo by Kristine Kit Ten Camposano
Reports said that the carcass of the mammal was too heavy to be hauled away from the place and buried. Thus, authorities agreed to chop its carcass and bury it part by part in the ocean.

The sperm whale measured 19.8 by 8.9 meters.

Said whale was found last week, but its removal was delayed because of the unfavorable weather conditions and the high tide.

It would be recalled that residents had been complaining of the stench of the mammal, which was already in an advanced state of decomposition, according to authorities.

Meanwhile, Chief of Marine Fisheries Resource Management Section at the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Nonie Enolva said that when the beached whale was examined, around a hundred thousand to a million of giant squid beaks were found in its large intestine.

“Although I’m not conclusive that it could have caused a bezoar on the animal, it has, I surmise, somehow led to decreased gastric motility,” said Enolva.

In other words, the whale could have had difficulty excreting because of the enormous number of squid beaks, she added.

She also explained that “decreased gastric motility in the animal may lead to loss of appetite and eventually hunger, emaciation and death.”

However, Enolva clarified that these are only their team’s analysis, and is not conclusive.

Enolva also noted that thus far, this is the largest giant sperm whale that had been stranded in the country. They therefore had recommended that its bones be preserved for educational purposes.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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