EDITORIAL: Ignoring horror

Anti-crime agencies are operating rapidly to control the spread of drugs nationwide, but the culprits become stronger as they create trouble in the society while they feed and depend on addicting substances. If our country is on a blind date with disaster, who are the matchmakers?

Shabu Bicol Standard File Photo
Bicol Standard File Photo
Just recently, at least 95 items were confiscated at a drug laboratory in Masbate through a raid held recently. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, the distribution of drugs has already become a daily habit through discreet dealings.

Drug dealers shift in the shadows and make transactions as if they were merely selling candy. As ordinary citizens, to miss such events would be logical, though unacceptable, because most people would be either too apathetic to care, or too naive to understand.

Though illegal, many people seem to tolerate drug use because it is already so common, that even minors become victims of its false heavenly effects.  In fact, no one seems to notice anymore. How many drug users do we meet in the streets everyday?

Almost anyone could get their hands on these substances as crime rate increases and the authorities momentarily focus on other incidents. However, the link between drug use and crime is too strong that it is unsurprising that many of the suspects in crimes like rape, robbery or murder are addicts.

To eliminate drug addiction, the root of many crimes, would significantly affect crime rates and favor the welfare of the society. However, if these issues are continued to be set aside, we can only expect for more gruesome and more frequent crimes.

It is strange that people complain of the escalating crime rates, when they, in fact, allow these to happen. If we are so scared by what we might face with a community of drug users, will we let it become that kind of fear that we choose to ignore? Looking through a different angle, maybe it’s not about what they did—maybe it’s about what we didn’t do.

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