CSur Capitol workers slam try to ground wages


NAGA CITY—At least 46 employees of the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur are crying for justice as they claim to have been forced to admit to reveal where actor Derek Ramsay’s cash ended up after it went missing last week at the Camarines Sur Wakeboard Complex (CWC), a report aired over local radio station DWNX said.

Left: Derek Ramsay photo TV5; Right: CWC Cabana, photo by CWC
The group is composed of 36 members of the housekeeping unit and 10 members of the Civil Security Unit (CSU).

Missing money?

In the primetime program of Grace Inocentes and Ed Ventura, the complaining employees narrated that Ramsay checked in the wood cabin of the Provincial Capitol on April 4, along with 10 other actors as VIP guests. Among his companions were Carlos Agassi, Jestoni Alarcon and Dennis Padilla.
Ramsay checked out the facility April 5 without mention of anything missing.

On April 7, however, two days after Ramsay left, the Chief of the Civil Security Unit Jojo Musa, along with resort manager Mr. Armando Agusto, talked to the housekeeping and CSU employees regarding Ramsay’s allegedly missing cash. Said money amounted to $6,900 to $7,000 or about P296,700 to P301,000 in Philippine money.

According to the account of the employees, the Head of the Office of Human Resources, Marjorie Lizaso talked to them to ask whether they knew where the money was. Lizaso was quoted in saying that if anyone stole the money he or she should come forward, or else their salaries would be withheld to pay for the missing amount.

The employees said that they did not know where the money was. Fearing that their salaries would be withheld, they thus approached the office of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to seek for assistance.

CHR letter

Atty. Donnah H. Federico-Madrona, Officer-in-Charge of the CHR Naga City Sub-Office took action by writing a letter to Governor Miguel Villafuerte, and Marjorie Lizaso, regarding the complaint of the employees.

The letter reads: “A group of provincial government employees covered by individual MOAs had complained before this office regarding the refusal of your human resource office to release their salaries for the period March 16-31, 2014. Allegedly, when they inquired from said concerned office, they were advised that their salaries would be withheld until they admitted the whereabouts of the missing money of their guest Derek Ramsay who claimed to have lost $6,900 to $7,000 while on vacation last April 4-5, 2014.

These employees are assigned to the housekeeping department and they were categorically made liable for the loss without due process. We therefore request your office to look into this matter as the basic rights of these lowly workers are at stake.”

Meanwhile, several attempts were made to get the side of the persons named in the CHR letter, particularly Agusto and Lizaso. However, both could not be reached. Employees from their office said that they would just return the call since both were allegedly attending meetings. In another attempt, they said that they were out for lunch.

On the part of the employees, they said before, it had already happened that salaries of CWC employees were forcibly withheld when a foreign national reported to have lost a DSLR camera. Said camera was valued at around P50,000.

An employee who is part of the group of 46 housekeeping and CSU workers believes that the entire group will be terminated because the incident leaked into the media.

“Ayaw kasi nilang malaman ng mga tao ang mga totoong nangyayari sa CWC [It’s because they don’t want people to know what is really happening at CWC],” the employee said, her voice trembling and her hands shaking during the interview.

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