Obama to try pili nuts in state dinner

President Barack Obama will get what will probably be his first taste of pili nuts during today’s State Visit.
Unshelled pili nuts
Photo by Lance Catedral/Wikimedia Commons
Among the dishes that the United States President will be served is pili-crusted lapu-lapu with pureed squash.

Pili, a tree that grows abundantly in the Bicol region, is known for its distinctly-flavored nuts. These are expected to give the fish a unique and memorable taste.

In the Bicol region, the nut is now being added to a plethora of recipes, including pastas and pastries.

Cooks from other regions are now also discovering the pili’s other culinary uses, apart from the usual pili tarts and jams which are common pasalubong fare.

Meanwhile, the other dishes on the menu to be served in the state dinner include grilled beef tenderloin marinated in lemongrass and turmeric, chicken inasal, coconut sorbet and chocolate-covered dried mangoes: dishes that will give Obama a sampling of the world-renowned Philippine cuisine.

The dinner will be held tonight at the Palace’s Rizal Hall.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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