Tambaluslos controversy: SP to demand explanation from Salceda, organizers

ALBAY—Board Member Ric Riva wants to initiate a legislative inquiry by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Albay to seek an explanation from the organizers and the governor himself regarding the controversial Tambaluslos effigy that shook the Mythos Kan Albay Higantes Parade during the Dargang Magayon Festival.

Board Member Ric Riva
Photo from Ric Riva's Facebook account
In the said inquiry, ordinary citizens will be invited to express their opinion on the effigy.

In an interview by BICOL STANDARD, Riva said that it is part of the Albayano culture as well as the teachings of the church and schools that private parts are not exposed to the public.

He added that the same holds true even for effigies like the Tambaluslos.

Otherwise, he explained, this may offend spectators, particularly those who are conservative.
Online, netizens continue to engage in a blazing debate on whether the depiction of the Tambaluslos was offensive or not to the Albayanos’ concept of morality.

As of presstime, the Public Information Office of Albay, when contacted by BICOL STANDARD, said that Salceda has not yet released an official statement on the controversy.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Tambaluslos effigy: art or porn?, Albayanos debate
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