Ex-village chief shoots bus dispatcher

MASBATEA former barangay captain and his companion were arrested Friday after they reportedly fired at a conductor of a Raymund bus at a terminal in Baragay Tanque, Pio V. Corpuz.

Pio V. Corpuz, Masbate
The initial investigation reveals that suspect Jesito Baguio y Avila, a former barangay captain of Brgy. Tanque, Pio V. Corpuz, got into a heated argument with conductor Vicente Du y Botero at around 3:10 PM. The argument ended with Baguio allegedly shooting at the victim's right chest with a long firearm.

The victim was rushed to the Municipal Health Office in Pio V. Corpuz town, but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

Meanwhile, the suspect and his companion, Ceriaco Verallo y Lestones, fled the scene using a motorcycle that the latter drove.

The police immediately launched a hot pursuit operation to trace the whereabouts of Baguio and Verallo. A few hours after the incident, the duo was discovered in the house of Elior Palmes.
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The authorities confiscated from them several firearms, including an M16 rifle, a baby M16, and a .38 caliber pistol, all of which were loaded with ammunition.

Baguio and Verallo are currently detained at the municipal jail while the police prepares the complaints against them.

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