Wanted hairdressers, makeup artists, drivers—DOLE

Attention, jobseekers. Around 95,000 jobs are waiting for qualified applicants in the government's official job portal, Phil-JobNet.

Secretary of Labor and Employment Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz

DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz announced that there is a need for 4,644 sales clerks, 4,188 call center agents, 3,056 service crew workers, 2,644 production workers or factory workers, 2,328 cashiers, 2,094 hotel housekeeping attendants, 2,000 skilled workers or pisci-culture, 1,931 merchandisers, 1,921 promo salespersons, 1,634 salesmen, 1,456 baristas, 1,114 customer service assistants, 1,100 casino dealers, 1,046 company drivers, 1,020 hairdressers, 1,011 hair stylists, 1,000 makeup artists, and 1,000 makeup artists for government.

Baldoz says that the website is designed to help jobseekers look for work that would fit their qualifications.

Meanwhile, the government is also holding job fairs throughout the country for the same purpose.

Earlier this month, Baldoz announced the schedule of job fairs in the Bicol region.

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