Village chief leads move versus drugs

Punong Barangay Marietta Abucar
Punong Barangay Marietta Abucar
MINALABAC—While most local chief executives have not reacted to the disturbing report on drug use in Camarines Sur, one village chief has already launched a no-nonsense campaign against the spread of the dangerous substances.

Punong barangay Marietta Abucar, of Baliuag Viejo, this town, together with her barangay council members, lupon, and tanods, have initiated a saturation information drive throughout their seven sitios.

Abucar, in an interview with BICOL STANDARD, said that the maintenance of peace and order is the primordial responsibility, not only of the mayor or local chief of police, but of barangay officials, as well.

“I have adopted a sitio-by-sitio saturation campaign to remind the people of the ill effects of drugs,” emphasized the barangay captain.

She said that reports reaching her office surprisingly indicate there are more middle-aged individuals who are said to be using illegal drugs as compared to teenagers. This is because the more mature persons have greater financial capacity to purchase the prohibited substances.

Apart from the massive campaign, the barangay council has already enforced a curfew for teenagers.

This is in addition to the regular ronda that is being conducted by the tanods.

Abucar said that she makes it a point to join the ronda once in a while to make the residents feel that she is serious about the cause.

A mother of two, Abucar’s passion stems from her maternal instinct.

According to her, “ours is a compassionate society. As the head of the barangay, my goal is not to put the drug users in jail, but to rehabilitate them in case they have been hooked.”

She adds: “I am personally appealing to the parents of the teenagers who are involved in drugs. I believe in my heart that all hope is not lost. If we exert our best effort to turn their lives around, they may still have a chance at a brighter future.”

“The spread of drugs in Camarines Sur concerns everybody, not just the local officials or the police,” she lamented.

“I am urging other leaders, elected or otherwise, to help.  With our concerted efforts, we can achieve the singular goal of peace and safety in our communities.”


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