Dolphin drops by for quick hello in Masbate

Photo of the dolphin found in Uson, Masbate today
This adorable dolphin gets momentarily trapped when it went for a sidetrip in Masbate
(Photo courtesy of Kenneth D. Sese)
A dolphin swimming near the shore of the town of Uson, Masbate drew the attention of many residents at around 1 PM today.
Curious onlookers who rushed to the check on the sea creature discovered that the animal was trapped in one of the fish pens.

Kenneth Sese, a resident of said town, shared in an interview with BICOL STANDARD, that residents spotted the dolphin off the coast of Brgy. Buenasuerte.

The authorities who were informed of the incident immediately released the dolphin along the coast of Brgy. Dapdap, Uson this afternoon.

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