Digital traffic lights to be installed in Legazpi soon

Traffic lights. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mayor Noel E. Rosal of Legazpi City has approved the proposed installation of digital traffic lights in major street intersections in the city due to the continuous ballooning population and increasing number of vehicles.

Rosal said the installation of the digital traffic lights will start anytime this year after the completion of all the necessary requirements, permits and clearances.

The proposed project is part of the modernization of traffic system in this city that will cover the areas of intersections and road junctions in Rizal Avenue, Alternate Road, Ramon Santos Street, Rizal Street, Fr. J. Bates Street, F. Aquende Drive, Airport Road junction, B.S. Imperial Drive junction, Binanuahan Road junction, Lakandula Drive, PeƱaranda Street and Bogtong Road junction.

Rosal disclosed that this project is also part of the preparation for the opening of the Southern Luzon International Airport that is expected to bring a huge number of tourist personalities from different parts of the world who want to spend their vacation in this city and Albay.

Upon completion and once the SLIA is operational, Legazpi will become the gateway of Bicol and all the visitors will stay first in this city before they go to the other places in the region, the city chief executive explained.

Rosal said the proposed installation of the digital traffic lights is designed to improve and promote the safe and smooth flow of vehicular traffic along the road network in order to lessen or prevent road accidents.

It will also decongest the traffic situation, particularly in the downtown area of the city, and hasten the movement of transactions and other activities of the commuters.

“Once this project is realized, we will experience a very comfortable joy riding with lesser travel time going to the point of destination,” Rosal claimed.

This project will also serve as a welcome addition to the many landmarks established by his administration during the past years as city chief executive, which have benefited the community and resulted in Legazpi being one of the strong modern cities and best haven for investments in the region, Rosal pointed out.

Based on the feasibility study made by the City Planning and Development Office, the estimated cost of the project is P18 million.

The goals and objectives of this study is to provide economical, high-quality transportation to all commuters and motorists and to give them an efficient, service effective, cost effective and reliable transportation facilities.

The project proposal was prepared by engineer Rey Benedict Rico of the CPDO. (PNA)
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