DOLE-Bicol to hire some 8,000 workers

Thousands of Bicolanos will have a job for at least six months this year as the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-Bicol announced Wednesday that it will be hiring workers from all over the region starting this month.

“Yes, everybody will have a chance to have a decent job this 2014,” DOLE-Bicol Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra said.

The agency has allotted some P56-million fund for its Government Internship Program (GIP) and Emergency Work Program (EWP).

The GIP program will give a six-month job stint to beneficiaries while the EWP program beneficiaries will have a month’s work.

With such, DOLE-Bicol is projecting to hire some 1,375 workers for GIP and up to 6,189 workers for EWP or a total of 7,564 workers.

The GIP is under the Kabataan program which aims to give a six-month full-time work, with a salary that is 75 percent of the existing minimum wage rate to the beneficiary.

Under the recently released Wage Order No. RBV-16, which posts for a P260-per-day pay for establishments with 10 or more workers and will be the basis for the computation of the 75 percent salary specified under the GIP program, a GIP worker will receive a P195-per-day pay or about P4,241.25 per month salary or a total of P25,447.50 for the six-month work duration.

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“Applications for GIP will be open soon. Anybody who graduated either from college, high school or Tech-Voc school or anybody who does not have a job can apply,” Lacambra explained.

The EWP, however, is focused on giving jobs to displaced workers hit by calamities.

It forms part of DOLE-Bicol’s emergency employment program with specific program of work such as dredging, canal de-clogging and any other “work” needed for community restoration and rehabilitation.

EWP workers will receive a full minimum wage for its one-month duration of about P5,655 per worker plus P1,000 worth of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

Lacambra said the idea of EWP is to give residents of communities affected by calamities an immediate source of income after suffering from devastation.

“If the work program for EWP is canal declogging, then the workers will be given boots, hand gloves and other necessary PPEs. They will also be enrolled in the GSIS same as with the GIP workers,” he added.

To implement said programs, DOLE-Bicol has allotted some P3.5-million budget per district, thus, having a total of P56 million budget allocation for the region.

The P56-million budget will be used to pay for the salaries and wages of the workers.

“If the entire budget will be divided for the salaries of GIP, a total of 1,375 beneficiaries may be hired,” Lacambra said, adding “However, if the entire budget will be divided for the salaries of EWP, a total of 6,189 workers may be hired."

However, since the EWP program only works as an emergency employment scheme after a calamity, DOLE-Bicol will then focus its operation on the GIP, he said. (PNA) PDS/FGS/RMN/CBD/