Sorsoganons cry for justice for teen slay victim

Angela Artita
Angela Artita
A cry for justice for the sixteen-year-old slay victim Angela Artita resounds throughout Sorsogon at present.

Artita, whose lifeless body was found at Diversion Road, Barangay Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, last week, was a student of exclusive school Saint Louise de Marillac College.

A news story published by Sorsogon-based website Bicol Today said that the initial investigation indicates the victim went to see her friends at 8 PM last Thursday.

She never came home.

Her body was discovered at Diversion Road in the city Friday morning.

The autopsy report reveals that the back of the victim’s skull was cracked. She also had contusions all over.

The SOCO operatives who examined the victim noted that her underwear was put on backwards, leading them to consider the possibility of rape and take a precautionary swab test.

Later, a laceration was found on the victim’s private part, further strengthening their suspicions.


Several people who claim to have seen the suspect and the victim on Thursday nigh are already working with the police authorities.

Reportedly, they saw a man hauling a girl’s body into the sidecar of a tricycle near high school seminary in Barangay Bibincahan.

According to the witnesses, the motorcycle’s brand was RUSI, but the vehicle did not have a plate number.

At that time, they could not tell whether the body was alive or not. 


Meanwhile, the victim’s parents, Roger and Cynthia Artita, had already been worried when their daughter did not return home on Thursday night.

Gripped by fear, they reported their daughter’s disappearance to the Sorsogon City Police Station 2 that night.

At around 1’o clock in the morning, the police received information about a woman who had been rushed to the hospital after having been shot. However, said victim was not Angela.
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The following morning, however, rumors of a dead body found along Diversion Road started spreading throughout the city.

Mr. Artita rushed to the area, where local officials and police authorities had already gathered.

It was there where he found his daughter.

According to the police, the victim had been dead for around six to eight hours already.

Mr. and Mrs. Artita were both shocked with the news.

Mr. Artita, an employee of the local government unit of Sorsogon, later related to the media that he would always drive his daughter to school. He also mentioned how Angela would often be home at around five to six o’clock in the evening, and always asked for permission if she had other activities after.

Mrs. Artita, an employee at the victim’s school, likewise could not believe what happened to their teenage daughter.


Roderick Diesta y Salazar
Roderick Diesta y Salazar
Meanwhile, the police authorities have already identified a possible suspect in a separate report aired over radio station PBN-DZMS.

The radio station named the suspect as Roderick Diesta y Salazar, a resident of Barangay Balete in Bacon district.

The suspect was identified by a person who claimed to be an eyewitness.

Also, it is said that the wife of the suspect revealed the information regarding the killing of the teenager, when her husband allegedly confessed to her of his involvement in the crime.

There is additional information from the said radio report that the motorcycle that was supposedly used in the crime was painted over to hide the crime.

When the authorities found said vehicle, the paint was still reportedly fresh.


The incident that led to the death of Angela Artita again opened the call for the re-imposition of death penalty.

In the Facebook account of the slain student, friends continue to pour their sympathy, and at the same time, display their hatred for the untimely demise of the victim.

Some have posted photos and slideshows as a tribute to Angela, while others have changed their profile photos into calls for justice.

The Sorsogon Arts Council has also released its statement of condemnation.

It reads: 

“What happened to Angela is a confirmation of the pervading concern on the peace and security of our beloved community. We call on authorities to take immediate actions for the capture of the suspect, Roderick Salazar Diesta for him to face the consequences of his act before the law. 

We also call on all authorities to take concrete actions against the proliferation of illegal drugs and the arrest of drug pushers and also enforce the law against all colorum vehicles. The suspect is a known drug addict who plies around on a colorum tricycle.”

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