Alleged discrimination of Legazpi City malls against applicants probed

LEGAZPI CITY (PNA) -- Department of Labor and Employment Bicol Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra has ordered an immediate investigation into media reports of alleged discrimination of shopping malls against recruiting applicants from certain barangays in Legazpi City.

Acting on the order, DOLE Bicol Assistant Regional Director Exequiel Ronie A. Guzman, immediately called the management of the two biggest malls in the city to confirm the veracity of the report about the alleged discrimination in the recruitment of employees.

When confronted, Guzman said, the two managements “fully denied” such alleged discrimination.

“Well, we wanted to clear this issue the soonest possible time, so the matter would not be further aggravated,” Lacambra said.

He said the DOLE-Bicol was asked by mediamen to comment officially on the complaint aired by a certain barangay official from one of the barangays in Legazpi City who claimed his constituents had been the object of discrimination by shopping malls regarding their application for employment.

The malls reportedly issued an order to their respective Human Resource (HR) departments that residents from certain barangays are automatically disqualified from applying for jobs, as they were labeled as “not of good standing.”

Lacambra said the issue of qualifications for hiring new employees is a management prerogative and is not within the power of DOLE.

“However, the DOLE may interfere if the qualifications set are unreasonable and discriminating,” he added. (PNA) FFC/FGS/CBD


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